Custom 2 Bedroom Flat Roof Plans
The product is a custom flat roof house plan with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a garage, offering a modern living space of 810 sq. ft. designed for comfort and contemporary living. The key features include two bedrooms, a bathroom, a garage, a living room, dining area, and kitchen. The product provides detailed specifications and features for the house model, including dimensions and reasons to choose it. The product also offers exclusive deals including a free CAD file with PDF, and a limited-time buy 1 get 1 offer. Construction plans include elevations, floor plans, foundation details, and more. Customers can also customize the house plan for a fee. The shipping policy ensures timely delivery, and the refund policy states no refunds due to the nature of the product. Customers are granted the right to use plans for constructing a single unit. The product description emphasizes the expertise of Cjudee House Plans in custom home design and encourages customers to contact for any questions or assistance.

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