Fender 24" Bar Stool Black

Fender 24″ Bar Stool Black

The Fender 24″ Bar Stool Black is a stylish and functional seating solution perfect for any music enthusiast’s space. Designed with the iconic Fender logo, this bar stool combines aesthetics with comfort, making it an excellent addition to home bars, rehearsal studios, or practice rooms. Built with a sturdy metal frame and durable black vinyl seat covering, it promises both resilience and easy maintenance. The 24-inch height is ideal for standard bar seating, providing superior support with its cushioned padding and footrest ring. Elevate your décor with the Fender 24″ Bar Stool Black, blending legendary brand heritage with everyday practicality. Perfect for musicians and fans alike, this stool is a must-have for any Fender aficionado looking to enhance their environment with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll elegance.

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