Rustic Leather Kitchen Bar Stool with Backrest, Vintage Bicycle Pedal Design for Pub
This product is a vintage retro bar stool with a backrest, designed in a unique style. It is made from an iron base and column, with a round seat covered in genuine leather, not faux or fake leather. The stool also features a padded leather backrest. What sets it apart is the footrest, which is made from real bicycle pedals, complete with a chain and cog. It is suitable for a bar stool or breakfast bar and serves as a statement piece. The stool is available in different versions, with and without a backrest, as well as other pedal stools with different shaped seats. The dimensions of the stool are: 107cm high to the top of the backrest, 73cm to the top of the seat, 31cm seat diameter, 5cm seat thickness, and 38cm iron base diameter.


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