Modern Wall-mounted TV Cabinet, 86.6″

【Floating Elegance】Our TV stand’s contemporary design creates a floating illusion, adding an air of sophistication to any room. 【Material Advantage】 Made from high-quality MDF materials, this floating cabinet is designed to last. Giving it the perfect combination of stability and aesthetic elegance.【Saving-space Design】Our unit opens up valuable floor space thanks to its wall-mounted design. You can add storage baskets, ottomans, or other items underneath, making the most of your room’s layout. 【Sturdy and Spacious】The TV stand doubles as a display surface for your decor pieces. Showcase your cherished items on top, transforming your entertainment area into a curated exhibition of your style. 【Organize Clutter Effortlessly】The open shelf and side compartments allow you to store a router, set-top box, DVD player, CDs, remote, projector, knickknack, cable box, game console, TV component, and decorations. Keep your stuff neatly organized.

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