Quatrefoil Solid Wood Side Table, 17.7″

This uniquely designed side table not only serves as home decoration, but also serves as a cozy nest for pets. It combines practicality and creativity to add a warm and intimate atmosphere to your home.Made of solid wood, it has been carefully sanded and painted to give it a smooth and delicate surface that makes people irresistibly want to touch and feel its texture. The four-leaf clover concave pattern not only adds artistic and decorative qualities to the side table, but also brings a unique visual enjoyment to the entire space.The design of this side table is both practical and beautiful. The countertop cover is usually designed to blend with the overall structure and style without affecting the overall beauty. They can be placed as decorations in spaces such as the living room, bedroom or study room, while providing additional storage space, allowing you to better utilize space and keep your home tidy and organized.The round geometric design of the tripod structure cleverly combines wood and black color-blocking elements to create a stylish and eye-catching appearance.

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