Watch – $12,000 HOUSE – BUILDING KITCHEN WALLS – #14

Video By Homemade Home

The back of the house is by far offer than most challenges and that continues you already know that I ripped up all the floor replaced some choice added a center beam new subfloor and reinforced the main center beam and the house the one that divides it into the front and

Back tore down the wall that separated the kitchen from the bathroom and now I need to frame the walls and so the challenges continue one issue with this house I’ll just pan up and look at the ceiling you won’t be able to tell me get

Out the way you may be able to tell probably not only the camera is that level but there is a slight slope on the ceiling the reason for that is that this house had a flat roof at one point it basically looked like a little cinder block garage or something and then they

Added trusses to give it a normal pitch roof so the ceiling in here is a slight lean on it and it’s 92 inches clearance in the back of the house and then 95 inches on the wall that the joists the ceiling joists in this room rest on so I

Want to level out that ceiling so I’m going to do that do that by scabbing on either two by sixes or two by fours to the sides of these joists they’ll be sitting on top of the wall I frame over here and they’ll be dropped down lower

On the wall that divides this space of that wall you see there that’s the wall that divides the kitchen from the living room and then that side of the house to the bedroom as far as framing the walls we’ve got ninety two inches over here I’m going to frame it or them while

Walls go tighten up under these joists and then this wall over here I’m gonna frame at ninety two inches as well that’s not holding up anything other than drywall this is gonna it’s gonna be a little not quite connected to the ceiling over here and then connected

Over here I will tie it in somehow to make it solid and then in between the joists on this wall here top where the new ceiling joists that I scab on will dive into that wall I’m going to add some sort of blocking and that will be for attaching the drywall

That is the plant at least we’re going to see how it goes so let’s go ahead and just get started You

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