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Hey you gordon ramsay’s on steroids we’ve got a bunch of unreal things for your kitchen to make sure your family and you will survive the dinner you’ve cooked we’ll do our best you won’t cut yourself won’t die from the smell and it’ll take your lasagna out of the oven in time

It’s not your fault it’s all those dull knives and bad chopping boards this 4t7 smart chopping board will help you spend the time in the kitchen more productively in fact it combines seven tools that save space on the kitchen table and don’t mix the food flavors there are several boards for cutting

Meat and veggies grinding spices defrosting and grilling other products know what this device will weigh the ingredients and count the calories don’t have a timer there’s a built-in timer that controls the cooking time up to 99 minutes and don’t forget about the app with tons of recipes

Ok how to cook a gourmet meal and not spend 4 plus hours next to your stove zega cookware will do all the cooking for you what you need is to pick one of the delicious recipes put the ingredients into the pot and then monitor the cooking process via the app

When the required temperature is reached switch off the stove and you’re free the cookware works just like a thermos keeping the heat between two sides of a pan and continuing cooking for hours this is the chance not to burn your dishes the device will let you know when

The dish is ready bon appetit too little space for a dishwasher this day use smart kitchen steam cleaner and dishwasher fits the palm of your hand it uses a high pressure steam to kill 99.99 of germs dirt on any surface within just 10 seconds well that’s what the manufacturer claims no soap no

Chemicals no nasty sponges just a number of nozzles depending on the cleaning surface yup with a super quick adjustment feature it lets you steam clean your fridge your counters and your cabinets your car needs a cleaning take the gadget out to your garage to clean off your bike after a muddy ride overall

It’s ipx6 water resistant water saving and safe to use hi-yah this ninja fryer will beat all the cholesterol plaques okay it’ll prevent its building since it uses 75 percent less oil or any other fat to cook your favorite deep fried dishes the device uses hot air circulation to

Evenly cook up to two pounds of food that would otherwise be submerged in hot oil okay but how to cook let’s say a main and the side dishes at a time there’s an air fryer with dual baskets it has more programs and two windows to monitor the cooking process it goes

Without saying that you can adjust the settings to every basket not bad in case you want to have non-stop fun just like those guys from south park there’s a concept that combines an air fryer and a console in one body thanks a lot kfc we just didn’t have the slightest idea how

To gain 10 more pounds we wish we were one of those guys with god level organizing skills but we’re just mortal humans we use this set of mixing bowls and measuring cups to save some space in the kitchen drawer the biggest one will be perfect for mixing

Salads and a colander is a must when cleaning fruits and veggies and a sieve may come in handy when separating solids from liquids or sifting flour smaller bowl is nice to melt butter and five cups of various sizes will help you establish exact measurements for ingredients achieving the perfect

Balance in any recipe you want to cook and after the use all you have to do is load them into the dishwasher nothing makes food taste better than the right amount of oil and vinegar this dispenser set features an integrated pump system that allows you to control your portions with precise accuracy and

Pour the liquids directly on the products without dirtying other kitchenware both bottles are easy to refill without spills and oily hands washing them is easy as well so just put them in a dishwasher or clean bottles with warm water with soap and cleanser okay but what do you do if you want to

Butter the bread with the right amount of butter this electric butter sprayer is your savior you won’t have to heat the product in the microwave the device will do that for you julia child was right when she said with enough butter anything is good why use a metal straw well it’s

Friendlier both for your teeth and nature yet vinyl straw has an advantage here since it’s collapsible you can fold it put it into the case clip it to your keychain and use it anywhere you need it that’s why the accessory will be extremely helpful when traveling when

You need to clean the straw just use the brush that’s also kept in the case yup it’s foldable too oh and don’t forget to wash your hands before that don’t make bacteria happy okay let’s say you need some salsa for nachos but launching a bulky blender for

A bowl of sauce save your time preparing and chopping the ingredients with the guido food chopper need to peel the garlic okay chop onion a single tear won’t be shed chopper’s equipped with stainless steel blades which make faster mincing dicing and grinding than a knife just slap the vegetable chopper until

You’re satisfied with the result the included base will keep everything in place your omelette is waiting for its filling you’ve got two seconds to name the most annoying thing after washing a pan yup that’s cutting the ingredients with a dull knife this bench top knife sharpener will make your knife sharp

Like a lightning strike what you need is to install everything in place pick one of the three abrasives and hold the knife vertically as if you were cutting meat done just fold everything together to save some space in the kitchen drawer aside from that this thing is perfect

For sharpening the scissors and serrated knives too big cooker hoods have big suction power but they’re often difficult to install plus there’s still a chance they won’t work properly that’s why this portable and quiet air hood with three speed settings is one of a kind it’s easy to

Adjust you can place it right next to your pot or pan this will protect your kitchen surface from oil and grease thanks to the oil filter and a charcoal filter will clean the air in the room you can easily clean the detachable filter in your dishwasher wireless

Options allow you to use the device for up to three hours with the ultimate flexibility no more cooking odors and fumes in the kitchen have you ever unloaded a dirty dishwasher by mistake this magnet might help you with that stick it to your dishwasher and set the durable metal

Slider to the desired position an extremely strong magnetic back allows the product to remain in place for years forget about re-washing or guessing a perfect meal in the morning is a perfect boost to your productive day this nostalgia retro breakfast station is an all-in-one device that’ll feed an

Entire family a toaster at the base may also function as an oven so you can toast up to four slices of bread bake loads of tasty goods and even reheat food right above there is a griddle space so you can really get creative it also comes with a lid to perfect your

Style of cooking all the temperatures and settings are controlled with precision using the knobs in the center on the left is a built-in coffee maker for up to four cups of coffee at once the breakfast station makes your morning a total breeze including cleanup make sure your refreshing drinks are

Done quickly this ice crusher machine can make any of your beverages like juices cocktails and hard or soft drinks ice cold use it to prepare refreshing desserts that taste perfect on a hot summer day this electric device is able to shave up to 140 pounds of ice in an

Hour without annoying vibration and minimal noise just put some ice cubes inside and a single blade will turn it into snowflakes to keep your drinks colder for longer chill out this summer it’s like playing fruit ninja but with veggies this handheld salad chopper will chop all your ingredients with several

Fast movements it’s all about those two blades but you can easily separate them when needed the device is very easy to clean under the tap water or in a dishwasher and don’t be afraid that your kids will cut themselves when they find it among other kitchenware there’s a

Protective cover to make sure its storage is as safe as possible who’s died in the fridge this air purifier will get rid of any bacteria that cause unpleasant odors in your fridge and extend the freshness of the food inside too it eats ethylene gas before it overrides into refrigerated

Fruits and veggies the purifier is rechargeable and runs up to three weeks on one charge when you notice the device blinks red it’s time to use a usb cable to juice this thing up struggling to get the best garlic flavor and keep your hands clean this press can

Release more flavor and turn cloves of garlic into a fine puree that mixes better with other ingredients not only does it boast an extremely comfortable grip and stylish design but it also has amazing functionality you can crush and mince garlic with less effort and at warp speed crush them

Is there anything better than a cup of black like the devil soul coffee and a couple of boiled golden eggs to start your day no not the ones that are made of gold which are also good but with real delicious edible golden eggs the secret is the golden goose egg scrambler

What you need to do is put the raw egg inside of this thing secure the parts of the device with the locking ring tangle the cords then pull the handles the egg will be scrambled inside its shell finally when you boil it you’ll get nothing but a golden egg these were the

Expectations in reality peeling them was a challenge and we were a bit disappointed with the uneven texture inside in any case if you don’t mind eating shaggy uneven but golden eggs then this is the thing for you fresh ground spices are the secret of tasty dishes but making them on your own

Usually takes so much time let this electric set do everything for you no more manual grinding pressing buttons and so on insert the batteries pick the preferable coarseness and turn the device upside down it’ll do the rest finally the built-in led will exclude gosh there’s too much salt now situations

Still don’t have the right place for a pot lid when cooking or maybe you don’t know where to put one more plate on the table because it’s a big fat greek wedding use this travail pan lid that holds lids and turns into a display stand and a trivet for serving dishes

When needed don’t worry it won’t slip no matter the surface now your kitchen tables are protected from hot kettles pots and messy drips and when it’s folded it’ll fit even the smallest drawer this perfect kitchen assistant fits seamlessly with any kitchen decor and goes with you from the kitchen to

The dinner table when your meal is ready to serve meet your kitchen expert yup it’s an egg-shaped device that will help you plan your weekly meals according to your dietary preferences and adjust to unpredicted events like a spontaneous at home dinner with your vegetarian friend hello egg supervises your pantry

Organizes your shopping list and even orders your grocery delivery is it time to cook it’ll provide you with easy to follow step-by-step voice navigated video recipes and answer any cooking related questions with the help of artificial intelligence and a support team of cooking experts it’ll even

Remind you to flip the pancakes over we can’t wait for this concept to come to real life

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