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“I’ve come from faraway…” “I’ve come from faraway…” “so many things I bring for you in this inflation” “I look for a buyer here, because I’m a nomad…” “no knowing where I’ll be tomorrow” “So pick it up” “On the streets it’s dirt cheap” “On the streets it’s dirt cheap”

“If you had a tiff with your wife, buy her a printed blouse” “If you had a tiff with your wife, buy her a printed blouse” “If your wife is sick, love her” “In her delight, she’ll make your night…” “which will come free of cost, only the clothes cost”

“I don’t look for profits… but my quality is the finest…” “silken embroidery…” “for your bed… I got quilts too” “Pay me less, pick it up” “On the streets it’s dirt cheap” “On the streets it’s dirt cheap” “Buy my spices, rich man”

“I ground them in the night, with all my heart and a dash of beauty” “That what gives an old man vigour…” “are chillies and coriander…” “that the shopkeeper adulterates” “I don’t cheat, nor swindle” “I don’t cheat nor swindle” “I think in everyone’s interest” “This money is what I toiled for” “No matter…”

“pick it up” “For, on the streets everything comes dirt cheap” “For, on the streets everything comes dirt cheap” Oh my god! Oh my God! The glass is broken! Devki I hope you are all right? Yes I am ok but what about the car?

Run, Devaki. If the car owner arrives, you will be in trouble. He will hand you over to the police. Run! All of you run too! Run. Run Run. Please pardon me. I was in a bit of a hurry. The glass has been broken.

If the car owner comes, I will be in a fix. As it is, the affluent people are very ruthless. Does the car belong to you? You are its owner? Anyway, I am leaving. – Hey! You broke the windshield, caused me a loss… …and then you are trying to run away?

I wasn’t running away. I was only going away. No! I wasn’t even going away. I was coming over. Coming and going is a daily routine. Some one comes and someone leaves. Beware! Don’t you take any further step. Who will compensate for this loss? People like you should be handed over to the police.

No, sir. I didn’t do anything deliberately. I slipped while dancing. Yes, you may keep this. It’s twenty five rupees. My entire day’s earnings. Entire day’s earnings? Yes. Anyway, don’t you ever go around dancing on the streets. Understand? Ok. I’ll stop! Take this. You may go. Hey, girl! Come here. Come on…

Why are you limping? – It’s nothing. Lift up your dress. What? Lift up your dress! – No. You are wounded! – Yes. Wait here. I will be back. No! – What happened? I will apply turmeric and lime. This medicine will irritate. Shut up! – Shut up.

Or else the wound will turn septic! – Yes, of course. No! No! Shut up! – Shut up. You scream so loudly! Come on, you may go now. Cruel! Ruthless! Car owners are like this only! Father… – You’ve returned, dear? Yes, I have brought medicines for you.

These are the pills, and this is the tonic. Dear, you have to undertake so many hardships for my sake. What hardships do I undertake? I find dancing enjoyable. I can see how serious the wounds on your feet are! You worry unnecessarily. I apply turmeric powder in the night…

…and by morning, the wounds are healed. And then it is evening again. And you get wounds again. My sickness has caused you a lot of hardships. I wonder what kind of people must be eyeing you. If one’s own intentions are noble… …then even if anyone casts an evil eye, no harm can come.

You are right, dear. – You know that… one doesn’t get a job without recommendations. In bad times, my dancing ensures some earning. Once you recover, my dancing will come to an end. You have become a lot more mature than your age. You take so many responsibilities on your head.

I could give you nothing but misery, dear. You haven’t given me any bliss either. If we have pulses, we don’t have rice. If we have rice, we don’t have oil. How much money have you brought? Here…25 rupees. 25 rupees? What should I do with it?

Medicines, fruits…you have brought so many things for your father. But you gave me only 25 rupees? What are you gazing at now? Who will do all the household work? Mother, I will do all the work. – Go ahead, then. The swine has made life miserable for me.

What is this? A symbol of love. What? – Yes. I had gone to get your wind shield repaired. I noticed that near the car seat, this lovely thing was lying hidden. My eagle eyes spotted it right away. – It’s not like you think.

It is. Why hide from me? After all, I am your friend. Right from childhood to school days. From school to college… …and from the college to the factory. I have full faith in your friendship. That’s why I want to take your advice. Look at this. Wow! Very good.

Is she the one who’s anklet it is? No, she’s from Nairobi. Uncle has sent the photo. He writes that… …he has liked the girl. Come over immediately. He has even commenced preparations for marriage. Oh congrats! – Shut up. Congratulations? I haven’t even met the girl. How can I marry her?

I agree, I’m greatly obliged to Uncle. He brought me up, and made me what I am. But it doesn’t mean that I have to marry anybody? My choice also carries weight. It’s a matter of a lifetime. It is not a joke. Why do you worry? I will relieve you of your tension.

You refuse to get married. I will telephone your Uncle right away. What are you doing? Don’t make such a mistake. Why? You don’t know Uncle’s anger. If you dismiss his wish, he will chop off your head. Is he so dangerous? Yes.

But why do you have to worry? I have a computer in my mind. I’ve a solution for all your problems. Just a minute. Hello, there! What happened? Uncle is on the line. – Uncle?! – Where are you going? Hello! Uncle, we were just discussing you. You will live for 200 years.

All preparations are over. I have even sent the cards for printing. You have even sent the cards for printing? The thing is…I am very scared of you, I feel shy too. Even now I am feeling afraid. – Why do you have to worry? Tell me! What should I say, Uncle?

Tell him that you have got married. – What? How would he know? Tell him! – Uncle, I was feeling afraid… because I have got married. You have got married? I will shoot you dead! Gosh! What happened? He’s furious. What should I do now? Hurry up. Divorce her! Divorce her!

Uncle, nothing can be done now. If you wish, I will divorce her. Divorce? Don’t you dare mention such a thing? Where’s daughter in law? – Where’s the daughter in law? She’s in the bathroom. She’s taking a bath. She’s taking a bath. – What! In the office?

No, no. She had telephoned here in the office. From the bathroom. After all, the telephone is in the bathroom. What nonsense? I will deal with you later. And with your wife too! Fool! And good for nothing too! Fool…you have landed me in a fix! Where is it? Here it is!

You?! No, I am not the same girl. What the hell are you after? Why are you hankering after me? I had just replaced the wind shield. Replace it once more. To err is human. I swear, I won’t come on this street again. My 50 paise coin! Hey! What’s this? You are bleeding!

It’s nothing. It will be fine. It can become septic. Just a minute. Here… The score is settled! – What? Just a minute… Hey! This… Sir! Mother! Return me this purse! Wow! It is stuffed with money! This money doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to a car owner.

The purse fell down from his pocket. I picked it up. I will return to him when I meet him today. Lay off, will you? Don’t you dare touch it! I will cut your hands! I won’t give it to you. It belongs to someone else. Cut the crap! Does one return money once received?

No, I won’t give it to you. – Even your father’ll give it to me! Swine! Where can you go away? After all, you have to return here! Put down the phone, I say! Put it down! You won’t? Then I will put it down! You? Who are you? How did you enter without permission?

What’s your name? What’s your name? Who are you? You are using this house and the phone… …with such ease, as if it belongs to your father! Does it belong to your father? Mind your tongue, old man! I am only concerned of your old age. Otherwise, if I hit you once…

You will fall sick for 4 days. – Look, kid… my old bones are still strong. I am taking into consideration your young age. Otherwise, I would have bashed you up and put you in cold storage. Rascal, old man! Don’t you incite me! Look at your ugly face. It looks like a junk yard!

Shut up! – You shut up! Stop your nonsense! Where is Anand? Who are you to ask where Anand is? I am his Uncle! – Don’t you say that… Yes, indeed. – Uncle? Anand’s Uncle from Africa? – Yes. Uncle! I am mistaken! Bash me up and…

In the cold storage! – Put me in cold storage! Punish me as you like. I am a fool, a donkey. Please forgive me. Anyway… But where is that useless Anand? He is no longer in control. He comes and goes as he pleases.

Nobody stops him, or interrupts him. He has gone out of control. You mean he hasn’t changed? – No. I will deal with him later. Where’s daughter in law? I have yet to marry. I am enquiring about my daughter in law. Where’s Anand’s wife? Where is she? I don’t know. – What?

Anand’s wife has gone to her parents’ home. She has just been married. And she has gone to her parents’ home? Correct. I too agree with you. Is this the way? I will teach her the right etiquette. How is she in appearance? – She’s very beautiful.

And what about her nature? Despite being a modern woman… …she’s a complete Indian. She’s a living example of Indian culture. How wonderful! And she makes such delicious food… …that a person would eat the food even if he is not hungry! Narcissus kofta’s are her speciality! – Is it?

That’s my favourite dish too! – Even Anand likes it a lot! Uncle! – Here’s Anand. – You? You arrived without intimating me? – I have come to take you to task. I have got to know everything. You have become a hen pecked husband. A hen pecked husband? Then what?

Why did you let the bride go to her parents’ home? Which bride, Uncle? – Your wife… My wife? Ah yes, she went to her parents’ home. Parents’ home. And you kept staring? What are you standing here for? Go and fetch her. I have come to meet her.

That’s all right. But tell me, how long will you stay here? For 2 to 3 days. Ah! Then I have to inform you… …with great regret that you cannot meet your daughter in law. Why? – That’s because it’s their custom… …that after marriage when the bride goes to her parents’ home…

…for the first time she doesn’t return… …to her in laws home for 15 days. – To hell with it. Even we have our customs. We don’t take the dates into account. The wife has to obey the husband. Come with me. Where? – To your in law’s place!

My in law’s place? – Yes, I’ll grab everybody by the neck! But, uncle, this is impossible. After all, we are from the boy’s side. We won’t go to them. The girl’s side should come here. Am I right? – Correct. – Then you had better refresh yourself.

Meanwhile, I will go and bring her here forcibly. Really? – Yes. – Okay. Hot water! – Shut up. We are in this dilemma thanks to you! What will happen now? Uncle will bury me alive! No, first he will shoot. Then he will bury! You had better suggest some idea!

Uncle will come any moment and enquire, ‘Has the daughter in law come?’ Has the daughter in law come? – Yes, she has. I see… Good! Very good! Where has she come from? – Uncle enquired, and I said yes. Where from will we bring the daughter in law?

How do I know? There comes Uncle! – I can’t see your wife around? Where is she? – Where is she? Where is she? She’s taking a bath. – She’s taking a bath. She’s taking a bath? Daughter in law bathes very often. Actually, she’s used to it. Yes a habit.- Yes.

Bathing is a good habit. But bathing repeatedly is a bad habit. Anand, go and fetch your wife. Shall I? – Yes, go ahead. Go. – Yes. I will also accompany him. – I will wait for you here. Stupid! Where from will I bring a wife in such a hurry?

Don’t worry. I will get some new idea from my brain! Take out something from your brain quickly! What if uncle lands up here? Daughter in law! – Think something quickly. What say? Has the daughter in law taken her bath? She has! But she is very furious. – Why?

Where is Anand? – He also Furious. There’s a big fight in progress inside. Why? – How should I explain? Anand asked her to go and meet Uncle. But she refused. Why? – Anand got enraged. And his wife too is no less. She gave him a fitting reply. It’s all gone wrong.

That’s not nice. – Yes. – I will go and investigate. Please don’t. I am your husband. I am not a toy. Live with me if you can. Otherwise, go away right now. Yes, I am going away. I will take resort to the legal process. Go ahead! Shut up!! – You Shut up!! You..

You are beating me? The situation has gone out of control. Let me intervene. No, Uncle. Don’t, or things will worsen. Shut up! He’s a Rajput. How can he beat a woman? I will break your head. I will skin you alive. You don’t want to meet Uncle? Don’t you beat me!

I see…you are trying to fool me? And you even look like a yes man by appearance. I will first shoot you! And then I will shoot you! Listen to me at least! I have been listening to you since a long time.

I think, you haven’t even married! – I have married. Raja is the witness. Yes, indeed. – But where is she? She was off to see a movie when I went to fetch her at her home. Yes, she’s gone to see ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’.

I have left a message for her. She must be coming any time now. It’s five minutes to six o’clock right now. – Yes. If she doesn’t arrive within five minutes, I will shoot you both dead. Thank you. At least we got a lease of life for five minutes.

Where is daughter in law? – There she is! Over there! Daughter in law! I had been so anxious to see you, daughter in law! Daughter in law? – Yes, daughter in law! You are much better than what I had heard about you! He’s my Uncle! – He’s come from Nairobi!

I admire your choice. – Thank you. You’ve found a good wife! What’s all this? I am nobody’s wife or daughter in law! Did you see, Uncle? Just because I called her from her parents’ home, she became angry. I will appease her. She’s so beautiful! And you are trying to engage me in conversation!

I haven’t even offered her any gift money on the first meeting! Where’s my purse? – Here it is. No, dear. How can I offer you gift money with your own money? No, no. I will be right back! – But listen… What’s this nonsense? I came to return you this purse.

Yesterday you… – Forget about yesterday. I am in big trouble today. And I think God has sent you here to bail me out of trouble. Trouble? – Yes. This is my Uncle. He wanted to my marry a girl of Nairobi.

To save myself from trouble, I lied to him that I am already married. Suddenly, he came here from Nairobi to meet my wife. And when he saw you here… Why didn’t you tell him that this is not right? Because he would have been heartbroken. If you help me a little…

You want me to help you in keeping your lie alive? If not for my sake…but at least for my Uncle. He has come to meet his daughter in law with great hopes. I am sorry. I cannot cheat your Uncle. Wait! If he gets to know the truth, he will be angry at me.

He will leave the home. Nothing is more dear to me than my uncle. But… – For his sake… …if you help me out for a while, if you become his daughter in law… …I will remain obliged to you all my life. What are you telling her?

I was explaining the family’s background to her. Very good. Here…a gift from me! Bless you! Your face radiates your inner beauty! Moreover, Raja says that you are a very good cook too! Today, I will eat narcissus koftas made by you. Wouldn’t you cook it for me? – Yes, Uncle. Come on, then!

Wow! Narcissus koftas?! What are you doing? I am cooking food. Why are you taking the trouble unnecessarily? You have landed me in trouble. And you are asking me… …why I am taking the trouble? No, no… I mean…we could order delicious food from some good hotel… …and tell uncle that you have cooked it.

Correct! I don’t lie. Moreover, your uncle wants to eat food cooked by me. But the narcissus koftas? – I will cook as best as I can. What are you doing with this stone? I am crushing. – Why don’t you use this mixer? Why don’t you use the mixer?

I don’t know how to operate a mixer. – We’ve had it! I still say that… Don’t say anything. This work is meant for women, not men. You may please go away from here. – Please come… Someone who doesn’t know how to operate a mixer… …how can she make narcissus koftas?

Carry on with your boastings to uncle! The moment uncle tastes the narcissus kofta made by her… …you will be slapped in such a way that… …your face will change colours! Let’s go now! Please, madam! Uncle, you are eating food cooked by me for the first time.

If you don’t like anything… – Look, daughter in law… I am a straightforward person. I will praise it if I like. I will criticise it if I don’t. What say, Anand? – Yes, of course. The food doesn’t look that bad on the surface.

Yes, of course. Even the narcissus koftas appear to be delicious. I will taste it and tell you. Why don’t you start eating too? We are not feeling hungry. We would say that you too shouldn’t eat. Shut up, will you? O God! Did you cook this food? – Yes.

You didn’t like it, didn’t you? – I didn’t. I had warned you. – I liked it very much! You liked it very much? – Yes. Thank you, Uncle. Thank you very much. Why are you standing? Please be seated. Please be seated. – Yes, daughter in law! Sister-in-law, sit down. – Take.

Here have some Kofta. – Wow! What lovely Kofta you have made! – This is so much. Why don’t you eat too? – Give me more of them! Why don’t you eat too? – Yes, of course. Wow! How wonderful! Still on with your old habit! Wow! How wonderful! Carry on eating!

What about the marriage necklace? – Here it is. How wonderful! Now you look like the daughter in law of our family! May you always live a happy married life! Look, Anand! How beautiful your wife looks in this costume! No matter how much we change the real beauty lies in our traditions

Yes, Uncle. I am leaving for office, Uncle. Please eat the breakfast – I will eat at the office. You will eat breakfast at the office. Isn’t your wife here? Your old habits won’t do any longer. Daughter in law, arrange for breakfast for him. – Yes. You are still having breakfast…

…while so many things are happening in the world. Look… a Canadian plane has been hijacked! – Let me see. Yes, sure. Where are my spectacles? Perhaps it’s upstairs. Dear, please read it for me. Uncle, let me read it. – Why? You had better eat breakfast.

Why does one have to read it? As it is, today’s newspapers… …don’t feature anything but news about crime and violence. Is your speech any better than a leader’s statements? You change your statements at the drop of a hat! – Silence! Dear, read it! – Actually… Uncle…I am leaving for the office.

That will be better. Hey! What happened to him? He didn’t even finish his breakfast? Milk… If you serve me so much, I won’t even go. I will stay back here. Gosh! – This girl will land us in a soup! I agree with you. “Come morning…” “birds wake up…” “cool breeze blow…”

“through every branch…” “sunlight streams…” “the lamp of life burns” “The lamp of life burns” “The lamp of life burns” “The lamp of life burns” “The lamp of life burns” “One who prays with all his heart at dawn…” “The Lord visits his house…” “and joys will abound” “The lamp of life burns”

“The lamp of life burns” “One who fills half his stomach…” “leaves his throat parched…” “One who fills half his stomach…” “leaves his throat parched…” “to quench the thirst of another…” “blessings…” “will come to him” “The lamp of life burns” “The lamp of life burns” “One who has a heart of gold…”

“his heart is where God dwells” “One who has a heart of gold…” “his heart is where God dwells” “One who chants the name of the Lord everyday…” “no sorrow can touch” “Every tribulation, He shall keep us away from” “Thus burns the lamp of life” “Thus burns the lamp of life”

“One who prays with all his heart at dawn…” “The Lord visits his house” “And joys will abound” “Thus burns the lamp of life” “Thus burns the lamp of life” How should I describe your various qualities? You have all the good qualities. You have converted the home into a temple.

You have the qualities of a Goddess. Don’t give me so much respect, uncle. I am an insignificant person. How would you know your own worth? You are a good human being, who has somehow entered our lives. Even if I had tried, I wouldn’t have been able to find a gem like you. Come…

May God keep you both always happy. May God bless you with a thousand joys. In the past few days that I have lived here… …I am taking along happy memories. I have seen you both living a happy life. Now I have only one desire, dear…

…that when I come the next time, you would have become a mother. Come, see me off to the airport. – Ok. Uncle, I am also coming to see you off to the airport. No, dear. If you are there in front of me, I won’t be able to leave.

Mr. Anand…your uncle had brought these clothes and ornaments… …for his daughter in law. Please take it back. I am leaving. Listen… – Yes? You are leaving? – Yes. Now that your uncle has gone, my work is over. You have helped me a lot. I am very grateful to you.

It’s all right. – Listen… What’s the hurry? Drink tea before you leave. I just drank tea! Oh! I had forgotten. – Good day. Listen…let the driver come. He will see you off. Nobody came to receive me. Then why should anybody go to see me off? If you don’t mind…

…please accept some money. – Money? What for? The thing is…you cared for Uncle so much. In return… Whatever I have done, I have received a lot more. Mr. Anand, your uncle has given me so much love… …for which I was yearning all my life. Swine! Where had you been?

With which of your boyfriend were you making merry? Don’t speak such bad things, mother! It’s you who has been spreading bad things. And you are arguing with me now! I won’t spare you today. I will bash you up severely. Mother! – What do you think?

What happened? Why are you beating the poor girl? Ask her where she was for the last three days. Along with the money, she has lost her modesty in some hotel. She isn’t your daughter. She’s a bag of sins! I haven’t done a thing. I swear…I haven’t done a thing.

Don’t beat my daughter! – Get out of my way, will you? Father…father! Father! Father! Father! Excuse me…this is Devaki’s home, isn’t it? The one who danced on the streets? – Yes. She has gone away. – Where? Who knows? The poor girl’s father died. And her step mother… …threw her out of the house.

Ever since I have been born… …I have been experiencing so much of sorrow. A grief stricken, helpless and weak woman… …how long can she fight against time? Please provide me strength, mother, that I can lead a respectable life. If you cannot give me the strength, then call me to You.

I have come to take you. – No! I cannot play the game now. I can no longer play the drama of becoming a wife repeatedly. You don’t realise what a big insult it is to a woman. How painful it is… This time I have come to take you for ever. I…

I want to marry you. What? Goddess Durga is the witness… I marry you before her! “My heart beats harder, don’t come near” “My heart beats harder, don’t come near” “I know not what love is…” “I know not nights of love, nor sweet nothings…” “you make me shiver” “Then let’s make it” “Shiny earrings…”

“Shiny earrings…” “those intoxicating eyes, dark tresses…” “that smile, like Spring’s blossom…” “keep me pining every moment” “Then let’s make it” “Then let’s make it” “Then let’s make it” “I know not the norms of the world” “All I know is that you have taken my heart” “I know not the norms of the world”

“All I know is that you have taken my heart” “Don’t ever break my heart, until death do us part” “In your arms let me find peace” “Then let’s make it” “Then let’s make it” “Then let’s make it” “Let’s make it” “I swear, in the journey of love…”

“you and only you will be my companion” “I swear, in the journey of love…” “you and only you will be my companion” “By those eyes I swear, I shall even forsake Heaven” “Then let’s make it” “Then let’s make it” “My heart beats harder, don’t come near” “I know not what love is…”

“I know not nights of love, nor sweet nothings…” “you make me shiver” “Then let’s make it” “Let’s do it” “Then let’s make it” “Let’s do it” “Let’s do it” It’s raining! Let’s enter this bungalow. – All right. – Come on. Yes? – Just see who is at the door.

I didn’t recognise you. But I have recognised you. You…do you know us? You are a tourist. Suddenly it began raining. You sighted our bungalow. And you came over to seek shelter. Am I right? My guess is never wrong. Right. That’s exactly the thing. – Then come right inside.

Please come in. – Come. – Please come in. Generally, people don’t like uninvited guests. But I do. Please be seated. Thank you very much. – Please. She’s Yashoda, my wife. And I am Vikas. – Greeting. One day, just because my wife lovingly…

…addressed me as Vicky, everybody began addressing me by that name. You are at it again! – What’s wrong in it? Don’t you love me? – Hush! See? She is feeling shy now! It has been 6 months since we got married, but… You didn’t tell us anything about yourself?

My name is Anand. And she is my wife, Devaki. Yes, one can make out that just by looking at her. What? Her style of feeling coy… …clearly indicates that she has been newly married. And the two of you have come here to celebrate your honeymoon. Am I right? My guesses are never wrong.

Let me speak something now. – Yes, go ahead. What would you like to have? – Nothing… That’s why I never let you speak. Considering the climate, does one have to ask anything? Tell me, sir, what would you like to drink? No, no…because of the rains… In such a climate, every crime is pardoned.

Come on. Have drink. – Alright, brandy. – Brandy? No, no…he doesn’t drink. Once he had consumed a glass of liquor… …and he had even forgotten that I too existed. If he forgets today too, you may stay here. Treat this house as your own home. – But only for a short while!

Okay, wait for minutes. What would you like to have? Tea or coffee? A cup of coffee. – All right. Thank you. Our women can never change. Doctors say that tea and coffee is bad for health. But they never understand. Cheers. – Cheers. This is a hot drink. Then your hot statements.

What else does one want in such a chilly weather? I have brought you to my way of thinking. After a few more conversations, you will open up. He won’t open up. He will get lost in a short while. He won’t even remember his name.

What for have I brought you with me? What’s my name? Anand. – Thank you. I have got to know your name. What about your work? I own the Bharat Steel Company. I have some property business too. You are a property man. I am a pilot. I fly in the air.

That’s why his statements never stay on the ground. My fault is that I love her more than I love myself. After meeting you, I have realised how one should live life. She has taught me how to live life. Thank you. When I got her, my life brightened up.

You are interested in poetry too? A person who has such a beautiful wife… …poetry is a natural outcome. By the way, you too should be a poet. She doesn’t understand poetry. She understands solid things. After all, she hails from Matunga! I will see you later.

What did you say? That I hail from Matunga? No, no…you have come from Juhu, in Bombay. All right? You live in Bombay? – Yes. His father too lives in Bombay. – Is it? Then you must be visiting Bombay very often. Not very often. We go wherever he is posted.

By meeting you, I felt as if I have encountered real life. We should be leaving now. – How about a drink for the road? No. If that happens, he won’t be able to see any road, nor me. Looks like the rain too has stopped. We should be leaving now.

On one condition…that you eat lunch with us tomorrow. We are leaving for Bombay tomorrow. But one thing is certain. We will never forget this meeting. We too won’t. And God willing, we will surely meet again. Goodbye. Thank you very much. – Bye. Greeting. – Bye. Nice couple.

Listen… – I am working. Go to sleep. What’s going on? Yoga. One does yoga in the morning, not in the night. Go to sleep. Gosh! Sorry. Mosquitoes! I understand everything. You have celebrated the honeymoon in Kashmir. Aren’t you pacified? I am not. Hey! What’s this? I am seeing your movements.

Leave me. – I see.. You ignite the passions. And then ask me to leave you? Now I will leave you only after I extinguish the fire. Why don’t you understand? I understand the language of youth very well. You won’t listen. – No. You won’t? – No. All right, then! What? I…?

I am going to become a father? You kept such a big source for joy within your stomach. You didn’t even tell me! I will surely punish you for this! What are you doing? I am planting a sapling of a rose plant. Along with our child, it will also grow and blossom.

You have become so caring at this stage itself? I am the mother, after all. But you are not bothered at all. You haven’t become happy at all. You cannot count my happiness. Just come along. – Where? First come with me. Tell me…where are taking me? Look at this!

Now tell me…is it you or me who is more concerned about the boy? Any complaints now? – Yes. All the toys for a boy? How did you assume that it will be a boy? A girl could be born too. No! My heart says that it will be a boy.

But my heart says that it will be a girl. It will be a boy. It will be a girl. Anyway, why quarrel? We will get to know. Just a minute… Hello! Hello! Hello! Yes, definitely! That’s my good boy. – Boy? What do you mean? My guess is never wrong.

It will be a boy. – No, it will be a girl. Didn’t you here? He was just talking to me. He was saying that he’ll become a pilot… …and tour the skies just like I do. My son will become brave and lively like me.

As you wish. Make him all that you want him to be. But don’t make him as talkative as you are. Congratulations, it is a boy. A boy! You have emerged victorious! Why do you have to congratulate me? I knew it since the beginning. Sir. – Please doctor.

The first child born in our family has always been a boy. Got it? Yes. Whom does he resemble the most? His face resembles Devaki! Very good. Thank God it didn’t resemble your face. Let me speak to daughter in law. Careful. Please. Greetings, Uncle. – Daughter in law…

…the moment I saw you I knew that… …the fortunes of my family is going to brighten up. It happened! You are holding the heir of this family, dear! When are you arriving, uncle? I can come right away. But the doctor says that my blood pressure is high. And that I should take rest.

Not only does he charge me fees, and then orders me around too. Dear, where is the child? Connect me to the child. What? I should connect you to the child? Yes, I want to speak to him. – Uncle, but the child… What are you saying? Connect me to him.

All right. I will connect you to him. It’s such an intelligent child. He understood right away that he is speaking to grandpa! Child, you are the only intelligent child born in our family. Where is your father? Yes, uncle. As soon as I free myself…

… from the clutches of this doctor I will come right away. Alright. Okay, bye. My grandson. – Okay, let me check your blood pressure. Raja says that I will have to go on an official work to Kashmir. Tell me…how can I go anywhere leaving the child behind?

You should go to Kashmir. And take along the child too. How can you say this? Take an infant to a hill station? Nowadays, even a one day old child travels from Bombay to London. I am observing that your child is a bit weak. I feel that the climate at the hill station…

…will benefit him as well as your wife too. Hey! What are you doing? I got up to take the blanket. – You could have told me. Your slave husband, your admirer, what is he for? When I am around, why should you take the trouble?

Come on, now…you are being very caring about me today! Not about you, but about our to be born son. That’s why I am taking you from Kashmir to Bombay… …so that our son is born in the best of hospitals. After marriage, you have become very miserly. Why? – See…

You have converted a 3 hour journey into a 30 hour one. If we had traveled by air, we would have reached by now. No, madam. One experiences a lot of jerks in the aircraft. And I don’t want our child to undergo any hardship. And you aren’t worried about my hardships?

You have begun to love the child more than me. If I didn’t love you, how would he have been born? Now we have to live for him, and die for him! Devki. Is her name listed here? – No, it isn’t. Devki. Devki. Devki. Devki. Devki. Devki.

The child is normal now. He’s only suffering from a little cold. I will prescribe a medicine. You will get it in the hospital. Thank you, doctor. – Okay. Miss Yashoda! Miss Yashoda! What’s happened to her? – How do you know her? We had met a few months ago in Kashmir.

My wife too was with me then. But today… So many families have been ruined in this accident. I have been deprived of my son, Vicky. Yashoda is my daughter in law. She was a married woman till yesterday. Today she is a widow! Mr. Anand… – How did all this happen?

I have been ruined. I am devastated. Every thing has been taken away from me. Now I don’t have anything. – Miss Yashoda! Miss Yashoda! Doctor. Ready the operation theatre immediately. If there is any delay, the child’s life will be at risk. Go. No, doctor. Save my child.

That’s the only memento of my husband. The child will mean everything to me. If anything happens to the child, I will not survive. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. – Take her. Quick. Quick. let go. Doctor, my daughter in law’s life is in your hands now. Yes.

Her to be born child is her only hope. Please save the child! Nurse. – Please save the child. Administer a sedative to him and let him sleep. Ask Dr. Sharma to attend to him. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. What happened, doctor? Why are you quiet? Please tell me. I am sorry.

I couldn’t save the child. Sorry. – Oh my god. My child… Where is my child? Where is my child? – Lie down. You are very weak. Please lie down. – I want my child. – I will call the doctor. Please lie down. I want my child.

Hey! Why did you get up from your bed? Your condition is very delicate? Don’t you know? I want my child. Where is my child? Why don’t you bring me my child? Give me my child. Give me… Lift her! When she regains consciousness, don’t let her get up at all. Considering her weak health…

…overexertion can prove to be dangerous for her. Understand? – Okay. Miss Yashoda is getting violent again. What? – She is repeatedly asking for her child! I see. Administer a sedative and try to make her sleep. Yes, doctor. The patient’s condition is very grave. She refuses to take any medicine. Please come soon.

All right. Prepare the injection immediately. Okay, sir. – Doctor. Take this. What’s this? Your child? Yes, doctor. I will tolerate it. But Yashoda won’t be able to live without the child. This is the only way to save her life. But…? – Don’t delay, doctor. A mother needs a child.

And a child needs a mother. Let this secret remain a secret all your life. Yashoda’s child isn’t dead. It is still living. And I will forget that I ever had a child. “Forsaking the rose that came his way…” “he made someone else’s life” “As for himself…”

“…he gathered all the thorns in the world” “And there he goes…” “And there he goes raising a dust…” “setting his own house on fire” “And there he goes raising a dust…” “setting his own house on fire” “And there he goes…” “Shared the joy that nature gave him”

“Shared the joy that nature gave him” “Life is now a burden that weighs heavily on his shoulders” “Making humankind proud…” “there he goes” “And there he goes raising a dust…” “setting his own house on fire” “In his life, he brought darkness…” “In his life, he brought darkness…” “in his eyes, a thousands storms…”

“all his hopes, he dashed…” “and there he goes…” “and there he goes…” Come on, drink milk now. – No! I am not hungry. Good children don’t adamant. Won’t you obey your mother? All right. But shut your eyes! – Why? If you shut your eyes, I will drink all the milk.

Grandpa! – Now shall I open the eyes? Hey! Where has he gone now? Gosh! Have you seen Kishan? No! Where has he gone? Wow! How wonderful! Run away! Run away! – I see…so he is with grandpa! Hey! He ran away again! You too don’t scold him at all. Kishan. – Anand.

Where are you going? – I am returning. But you had said that you will settle down here? I did say that. But now I feel… …that though I am living here, my heart is there. How can I forget the land where my dreams had blossomed once? I can understand your pain. Go, dear.

You will be at peace there. I will be back. Look at this necklace. It has been blessed by a noble saint. He had said that I should put it around a person’s neck… …whom you love the most. I wanted to put it around your son’s neck. But he is no more.

In that case… …wherever you have kept his clothes and toys… …you may keep it there. I am leaving. Hello. Hey! Nobody is speaking! Hey! The bell again? Mr. Anand? You? After so many years? – I had left India. That accident took away everything I had. I was roaming around all over.

Then I felt that I will find peace only here. My father in law told me all about it. You had suffered a great misfortune. First the wife, and then your son. I forgot everything after meeting this child. He’s such a lovely child. Please come inside. But how did you find our house?

Just like you found Uncle at home. Similarly, he found the home. Be seated. I will bring tea for you. – I don’t drink tea. Then do you also drink milk mixed with Oval tine? If you don’t drink tea, let me get a cold drink for you.

Why do you love me so much? – Because you are a lovely child! When grandpa loves me, I make him a horse. You would like to sit on a horse? – Yes. All right, then. I will become a horse. Climb on me!

Bravo! – Come on, my horse. Lets go. – Hey! The horse is moving. Hey! What are you doing? – Come on, my horse. Lets go. Come on, get down. – Come on, my horse. Why do you stop him? Let him play. No! Excuse me…he has become very naughty.

I wonder how he mixed with you so quickly. That’s because Uncle became a horse for me. I have become a horse for you. But tell me something… what will you become once you grow up? What his father was! You mean, a businessman? – No, a pilot!

You know that his father was a pilot! No, mother. – I will become a businessman! All right, you may become a businessman! That’s how it should be! – Here…take this! Thank you. – Anand. Greetings! – Greetings! Anand had cared for Yashoda very much during Kishan’s birth. I see… – Greetings.

Seeing you after a long time. – I had gone out of India. I had nobody here. – Yes, son. It was such a stormy experience that everybody got scattered. Nobody can defy destiny! The last symbol of our son is only this child now. Even this is a great thing.

You all will be able to spend your entire life with his support. I am leaving. After a long time, I felt that I am among my own people. Do keep visiting. – Yes. All right, then. I am leaving. Goodbye. Goodbye, Uncle. Keep visiting. Greetings. Bye.

I am seeing a new face in this house. Welcome, Leelaben. Be seated. – Who has the time to sit? I have to cover the entire neighbourhood. O Lord! Everybody has converted me into a broom. How many people’s heart can I go around sweeping?

Who was this boy? He appears to hail from an affluent family. He’s an acquaintance of our family. I see. Is he married, or is he still a bachelor? His wife passed away. – I see…then he is a bachelor. Come on, Kishan! How are you, son? Here, a chocolate for you!

Thank you, uncle. How come you are here? – I come here often. Alone? – Yes, I come alone. You don’t bring along your son. My mother brings me along. My son doesn’t come with me. If you don’t mind, shall I tell you something? Yes? My uncle had this locket.

It has been blessed by a noble saint. He had said that it should be put around the neck of someone… …whom you love the most. – So? I don’t have anybody else. I like Kishan a lot. If you don’t mind, shall I put it around his neck? All right. Put it on.

Thank you, uncle. – It’s ok, dear. How strange! He doesn’t listen to anybody. I wonder how he is behaving properly with you? Love is bearing fruit. Uncle, let’s go on that swing! – All right, let’s go! Please come in. Have a cup of tea! Not today. I will come some other time.

Bye, Uncle. Bye, son! A very good movie is being screened at Shalimar. It’s five o’clock. It will be six o’clock very soon. Hey, it’s going to be six soon. Come on, get up now. And come along with me. You carry on. I have some urgent work.

Every evening at six o’clock, I know for what urgent work you go everyday. What do you know? – That…it’s a matter of love. Very good. You think far. I am leaving. I will meet you tomorrow. All right. You will enjoy this ride! – Mummy, Ice-cream – We too will eat ice cream.

You? You just want an excuse. I want ice cream, not an excuse. He becomes a kid with kids. – Come on, child. All right, then. – What will you have? You eat vanilla. – Give a good ice cream. – I will eat a chocolate ice cream. Here, Kishan. Where did Kishan go?

Kishan. – Kishan. – Kishan. Mummy. Look! Shall we pick him up? – Come on! Why are you weeping? – Where is Mummy? We will take you to your mummy. Come on… – I want to go to Mummy. Where are you taking the kid? – The kid belongs to us.

What has it got to do with you? – Hand over the kid. Or else… Move. – Leave me! What kind of a mother are you? You cannot even take care of a child? If I hadn’t reached in time, they would have taken him away.

If something were to happen to him, how would we all have suffered? He’s the only ray of life. If he had been lost, we would all have been devastated! I drifted too far! The thing is…I couldn’t control myself. I too love Kishan a lot. Hey! You are bleeding!

Do you realise the norms of society? I didn’t like what you did today. – What wrong did I do? Holding a stranger’s hand at the fair… …tearing your sari to tie a band on his hand… …such things don’t befit a decent woman. He had been wounded. He was bleeding. Moreover…

…he had saved the life of our child. I also feel obliged to him. But it doesn’t mean you cross limits. A little infamy can ruin the entire family’s good reputation. Along with your own respect, you should also care for the family’s honour. You shouldn’t meet Anand henceforth. Greetings. – Greetings.

Where is Kishan? – He isn’t there. And what about Yashoda? – She too is not here. I was passing by. I thought of meeting them. Why do you always pass by here? What? – Why do you come here? I come to meet Kishan. – Don’t make excuses in a child’s name.

It’s not nice that you come here repeatedly. If you come here, we will lose our reputation. You are misunderstanding me. – I understand everything. Please don’t come here again. Madam, that area is flooded. Taxi’s are not plying there. You? Here? – I had gone to the bazaar.

We are not even finding any taxi to return home. It’s very difficult to find a taxi. All roads are blocked. Why don’t you come to my home? You may go when the rains stop. No, we will manage. – You are getting wet. He too is getting wet. – Let’s go, mother.

No, son. – You are being insistent. Come on… Take Kishan inside. And wipe his hair dry properly. Okay. – Listen. And wrap around a warm shawl too. – All right, sir. Hey! You too are fully drenched! No… – Why not? I will get something right away. – No, no…it’s not necessary.

Why not? I will be back. Here…change your wet clothes. If you remain wet, you will fall sick. This is Devaki’s sari. I hope you don’t mind. The room is over there. Good. – It is okay, sir? Do you want toys? – Yes. Then come on. What’s the matter, Mr. Anand?

You look very pretty in this sari. Please come. Would you like to drink tea? Let me make it. Today, I remembered Devaki. Who can defy destiny? If you don’t mind, shall I suggest something? Yes? – Why don’t you remarry? I mean…you don’t have any child. You are all alone.

I have deliberately made myself lonely. Some of my precious things were taken away by time… …and whatever I had with me, I gave it away to others. I wonder what I got in return. You expect something in return for your sacrifices? Sacrifices don’t expect anything return.

But it doesn’t deprive one of peace of mind. I found some peace by seeing Kishan. Society couldn’t bear that too. Your mother in law shut the doors in my face. But if you wanted, you could have somehow let me see your child.

What injustice it is? The whole world can see him, while I cannot? But why? What’s your relation with Kishan? He’s not your child. Then why are you so anxious about him? Why? To love a child like a father is no sin. If Kishan had no mother, the same love would have looked natural.

But in my case, it is considered as undesirable and sinful… …because you are beautiful, a widow and young too! Enough of it, Mr. Anand. I give you the sake of my child. Stop it! Stop it! Uncle has a lot of toys. I enjoyed a lot. Kishan, take me home.

We won’t find a taxi now. When it stops raining, I will take you home. You were very delayed, daughter in law. We were trapped in the rains. We were not finding any taxi too. It was nice that Uncle’s car came along.

He took us to his home. – You had been to Uncle’s home? The roads were flooded. And he insisted. Moreover, it was raining heavily. Yes, mother had been totally drenched. Uncle gave her another sari to wear. Mother was looking very nice in that sari. You had forgotten Kishan’s toys at my home.

Why did you have to come personally? You could have sent it through somebody else! I see…you too didn’t like my coming here. It’s not a question of likes or dislikes. Then what’s the matter? Why am I receiving hatred from this home? Because every home is bound with relations.

You are not related to us in any manner. Then why do you come here? I have already told you. I come here for Kishan’s sake. But the society doesn’t understand it. I don’t care for the society. – But I do. I cannot bear to lose face in society. People point fingers at me.

I won’t let my reputation blemish in any manner. Have I ever looked at you in a way that you would lose face? At what point did you think that I want to take advantage of you? When did you think that I have become inhuman? Have mercy on me. Don’t come here.

I cannot bear to lose my reputation. I beg of you. Please go away. And don’t ever return. “He isn’t his child anymore…” “the one he held so dear” “One who tends to him is his guardian” “He isn’t his child anymore…” “the one he held so dear”

“One who tends to him is his guardian” “Having lost his very being…” “he wanders nowhere” “he wanders nowhere” One has to bear whatever is destined for a person. This woman too had been going through her hard times. We gypsies had been moving along that day.

We found this woman on the banks of a river… …fighting a battle of life and death. If the Almighty wants someone to remain alive… …who can dare kill such a person? But when she regained consciousness, she had forgotten everything. She had forgotten about herself too. Every attempt proved futile.

We gave her medicines, and offered prayers too. But her silent and spiritless life remained unchanged. She used to roam around aimlessly. Then suddenly, one day… My son! My son! My son! It’s the wonder of nature. A child instilled life back into a mother. This woman is very fortunate that…

…she could return to her husband and child. Bring the child. We will bless him and return to our homeland. Is the child sleeping? I will get him right away. Son… Son… Where is the child? Has he gone out to play? Why are you quiet? Tell me, where is my child?

Perhaps we were not destined to bring up our child. In that accident… …our child slipped out of our destiny. No, no… I had given you my child. I will take back my child from you. I want my child. I want my child. I want my child. Where is my child?

Tell me! You are a Mother, aren’t you? Then why did deprive me of the child after making me a mother? Why did you keep me alive? Since you have taken away my child… …you may take away my memories too. I want to forget everything. I want to forget everything. Listen…

So you are wearing my sandals? It belongs to you. – Yes. It’s so large for your feet! I have also become large after wearing it. That’s right. But what will I wear? You are right. You may wear my sandal. That’s very small. All right. You may take back your sandal!

You are such a lovely child. What’s your name? You? You…? You are alive? – Yes. I was destined to live. But you…you are in this dress? That’s what destiny willed. Now my son Kishan is my world. He’s a lovely child. You have a great wealth. You are a mother.

God willing, you will become a mother again. I will leave now. I have to send Kishan to school. Come home someday. I will surely come. I will leave now. All right, son. Bid Aunty goodbye. Goodbye, Aunty. – Goodbye. If my son had been alive, he would have been this big.

As delicate, as innocent and beautiful. One doesn’t look for spring during autumn. Forget the time that has passed. How can I forget? My child’s memories bring back many more memories. Silly…more such flowers can blossom too. My love will fulfill your desires again! “Ding dong, ding dong…” “the clock strikes ten”

“It’s nighttime, no talking time” “Go to sleep, let the fairy bring you sweet dreams” “One, two, three, four, five and six…” “all the children have gone to sleep” “One, two, three, four, five and six…” “all the children have gone to sleep” “the clock strikes ten” “It’s nighttime, no talking time”

Mummy, do we sleep at nights? Why are dreams sweet? “Wonderful world wonderful sights…” “such is the land of dreams” “A world where horses don’t eat grass…” “where tigers don’t eat flesh…” “where bears fetch vegetables…” “and monkeys cooks food” “It’s a world where elephants are so small and mice are so huge…”

“It’s a world where elephants are so small and mice are so huge…” “where elephants ride on mice…” “where there’s no quarrels, no fights…” “where lions, goats, wolves and leopards…” “drink of the same pond…” “where love rules in hearts…” “hatred is unknown…” “where the days are cut in fun…” “and nights in good sleep”

“It’s a world with no worries, no problems” “So go to sleep, let the fairy bring you sweet dreams” “One, two, three, four, five and six…” “all the children have gone to sleep” Mummy, the people of the land of dreams are so happy. “Why do people of this world fight?

“The craze for money has turned man worse than a beast” “In the land of dreams the king and the subjects are treated alike” “It’s a land of truthfulness…” “where freedom is truly lived” “No discriminations…” “everyone’s views are considered” “Everyone speaks only one language…” “the language of love” “Everyone is a friend”

“The parrot mimics them all” “Let’s play hide n seek…” “the songbird said to the mynah” “It’s the love song they all sing…” “until the night drives them to sleep” “It’s a world with no worries, no problems…” “let the fairy bring you sweet dreams” “One, two, three, four, five and six…”

“all the children have gone to sleep” “One, two, three, four, five and six…” “all the children have gone to sleep” Be seated, Mr. Anand. Did you get the report? Yes. I have to inform you with great regret that… …your wife can no longer become a mother again. What?

Following the accident, your wife’s nerves have weakened considerably. It means there’s no hope? Many times we doctors lose hope. But the Almighty desires otherwise. Miracles can happen sometimes. Miracles? Don’t give me false hopes. I have understood that we are not destined to experience parenthood.

But I request you not to let this be known to Devaki. As it is, she is very unhappy. She won’t be able to bear this shock. What’s this? Why are you weeping? I will never become a mother? Why do you say this? Don’t give me false hopes. I have overheard everything.

Now I will never become pregnant. I have become incomplete. What? It’s Kishan’s birthday today? Yes. – Many congratulations. Not just like this. You will have to visit home. If you don’t, we will assume that you haven’t pardoned us. No…please don’t embarrass me. I will surely come.

Bring along your wife too. – Yes, I will bring her along. Let’s go. – Yes. – Greetings. – Okay. Connect me to my home. What am I doing? It’s better if I keep Devaki away from the child. How are you feeling now? – I am fine.

Look…I have to go out on an urgent work. I will get delayed while returning in the night. You take the medicines at the right time. Yes. All right. You? – Come… How are you, Devaki? – I am fine. Your son has become lovelier. Be seated. Why didn’t you come in my birthday?

Your birthday? – Aunty was suffering from fever. Anand had said that you are feeling unwell. Unwell..? Ah, yes. I don’t keep well. I don’t go around too. Look at my birthday photos, aunty! – Yes, of course. Come here. Look how beautiful the flowers are. You also come, Aunty.

What kind of a plant is this? It has only one flower? Dear…some plants bear only one flower. Do you like this flower? No, Aunty. Don’t pluck it. Or it will get crumpled. It looks so beautiful as it is. – Yes, it is. Just like you.

You too are a flower! – Did you hear, mummy? I am also a flower! Wow! How wonderful! Shall I make tea for you, son? No! I don’t drink tea. I drink milk mixed with Oval tine. You don’t drink tea at all? He is not used to drinking tea since childhood.

It doesn’t matter. Here, eat this biscuit. Take it, son. – Thank you. Wow! This locket is very pretty. Uncle gave it to me. Okay. Aunty, shall I go to that toy room? No, son. One doesn’t roam around in other people’s homes. It doesn’t matter. After all, he’s only a kid.

But, son, how do you know that there’s a toy room over there? I had come once with Uncle. Didn’t we, mummy? Yes. – Take Kishan to that room. And give him a cup of Oval tine too. – All right. – Go. Come on, dear… Here, take tea. The motor has come!

All right, then. I will leave. It is very late. Take care. And as soon as you recover, do come home. Okay. – Mummy. It’s such a nice car. It works on battery too. All right. Keep this car here. And let’s go home now. Can we take this car to our home?

Yes, son. – No! You have become very stubborn. I will never bring you with me again. – It’s only a toy! Take it away, son. Moreover, who is here to play with it? All right. Say ‘thank you’ to Aunty! We are leaving. – All right. Let’s go. Did you notice, Madam?

Kishan’s habits and manners are so much like master. Yes, I did notice. And did you see the locket in the child’s neck? Yes, but why do you ask? The senior master had got it made in Nairobi for your son. Later, master brought it with him when he came here.

Noticing it in Kishan’s neck, it feels like… …the Master loves Kishan a lot. Listen…I want to ask you something. All right, you may ask. First, give me Novalgin or some other tablet. My head is paining severely. Looks like I have fever too. – Fever?

Hey! Your body is very hot! I will call the doctor right away. Greetings, doctor. Greetings. What happened, Mr. Anand? It’s only a minor fever. – It’s not minor. It’s 103 degrees. Don’t worry. I will examine him right away. Meanwhile, please boil the syringe. – Yes.

You are suffering from flu. It’s widespread these days. You should take precautions while eating. And never eat anything from outside. I am just returning from Mr. Saxena’s home. His grandson, Kishan, ate something outside. And he suffered food poisoning. Kishan is suffering from food poisoning?

Yes! His fever rose so high in the evening that… …he became unconscious. He had to be admitted to the hospital. Kishan is in hospital? – Where are you going, Mr. Anand? You are seriously ill. Listen to me, Mr. Anand. What happened? Where did he go?

I informed him that Kishan is sick. He has been admitted to hospital. I wonder what happened to him. He got up and went away immediately. I think he has gone to visit Kishan. How did it all happen? He got fever in the evening. Then he became unconscious.

I wonder what he must have ate outside. Why did you let him eat anything outside? Where’s the doctor? He has just left after examining him. He will return at 10 o’clock. Kishan’s habits and manners are so much like master. Kishan, my son! I had come once with Uncle. Didn’t we, mummy?

Devaki! So early in the morning? Didn’t you sleep in the night? Come along with me. – But where? Didn’t I say? Come along with me. But where are you taking me? Sit in the car. You had filled vermillion in my hair in the presence of this Goddess!

We had prayed for a child in the presence of this Goddess! This very Goddess had blessed me with a child! This Goddess Durga is witness to all this. Look into the eyes of the Goddess and say whether… …Kishan is your child or not? – What are you saying?

My suspicion will ruin my life. Touch it and say that Kishan is not your son. Kishan is our son. Kishan is not Yashoda’s son? No. My son is living! Mother, you have protected the honour of my womb. I am not a barren woman. I am a mother. Yes, I am a mother!

Listen…you are not Kishan’s mother. Why not? Answer me, why not? You have deceived me. You have cheated my motherhood. Why did you do such a thing? Tell me, why did you do this? It was an accident. It was a moment. Only Kishan could save Yashoda’s life.

I didn’t know that a step taken for the sake of humanity… …will become a problem one day. I have the solution. Kishan is my son. I am his mother. You are related to him only by blood. It is Yashoda who is related to him as a mother. – No.

In the few years, she has showered unprecedented love on him. Today, she doesn’t have anything besides the child. Now Kishan is her only hope. – Kishan is my future. Sacrifice is second nature to a woman. I am not a woman, I am a mother. I beg of you. Don’t block my path.

I won’t let you go. Nobody can stop a relation of blood. Stop, Devaki. You are under oath to me! Mummy. – Yes. – Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. No! No! I am nobody’s mother. Did you hear? I have no son. I have no son.

If my son cannot live in my home, I will destroy all his memories. I won’t let any of his reminders at home. Did you hear? I have no son. I have no son! I don’t want anything. I don’t want anything. What are you doing, Devaki? – What should I do?

What should I do? Daughter in law…! Greetings. – Greetings. Where is my daughter in law? You come in at least. – Daughter in law! Greetings, Uncle. – Daughter in law! Dear, the moment I got to know of your being alive… …I felt as if my life has been extended for ever.

I am very happy to see you at home. Hey! What’s this? The days of sorrow have passed over. Tears welled up in my eyes upon seeing you. But what’s this condition? You look very sullen? Your joy, liveliness… where has it been lost? Time has taken it away. – How can time harm anyone?

If one remains lively at heart he remains fresh forever! Look at me… I am as I always was! And today, I will eat food cooked by you again! Remember the narcissus koftas?! Yes…be seated. I will send for tea. Uncle! When did you arrive? – I have just came.

How are you? – I am totally fine. But what’s wrong with daughter in law? She appears very morose. She is not her usual, glowing self. How should I explain? I am trying to amuse her in every possible way. But Devaki is unable to forget about her child even for a moment.

And ever since she has learnt that she cannot become pregnant again… What did you say? – Yes, uncle. Now I understand. Poor girl… That’s the reason why she has lost the desire to live. Sir, she is very sorrowful. Bliss and sorrow are one and the same thing for me now.

Despite having everything, I don’t have anything. Have patience. Forget all that has happened. Ever since I have come, I haven’t seen a smile on your face. You have come, dear. Where were you all these days? It’s the ‘Flag Day’ today. So he insisted that he will ask for donations from aunty.

Yes, yes…why not? Please come. Uncle, she is Yashoda. – Greetings. Greetings. – And he is Kishan. Kishan, greet Uncle. He’s aunty’s uncle. But he is my grandpa, isn’t he? He’s a very intelligent child. Thank you, grandpa. How about the donations now, aunty? Yes, yes…come with me. Be seated. I will be back.

Okay. Come on. Come…be seated. Make some tea or something. – Yes, sir. So much money? You will fill up the entire box! Then I wouldn’t have to go to anybody else? You don’t have to go anywhere else, son. I will shower all wealth on you.

It means you love me a lot. – Yes, son. I love you a lot. Why do you love me so much? – That’s because I… Play with this, dear. Aunty has filled up the whole box. Aunty is a very nice person. We too like her. Let’s go now. It’s very late.

You have just arrived. What’s the hurry? Kishan hasn’t even eaten anything. Neither any biscuit, or chocolate. Some other time. We have to go to other places for donations. But the box has been filled up. So what? You have even to go to school later.

Stay for a little longer. – We will come some other time. I liked it a lot. Your child brings a lot of cheer to my daughter in law. You should come occasionally. – Yes, uncle. Greetings. – Greetings. Let’s go, son. What kind of an injustice is this, Lord?

My child is in front of me. And I am struggling for a child? If You wanted to give my child to Yashoda… …why did you cause Kishan’s birth from my womb? Why did you make me a mother? Despite being his mother, I cannot call my child as my own.

What kind of a punishment is this? What kind of a trial is this? What are you saying? This cannot happen. Why not? – I… I cannot take away Yashoda’s life. And you can give death to Devaki? – Uncle! A mother cannot live away from her child. I know what maternal affections are.

I know what a mother is. – Why don’t you understand? That we have no right over Kishan now? We have a right. We are related to Kishan by blood. Just imagine, Uncle. What will Yashoda go through? Yashoda is seeing with Kishan’s eyes today. She’s too dependent on Kishan. And what about Devaki?

She can neither walk, nor can she see… It’s as if she has lost the soul from her body. If the child were to die as soon as he was born… …perhaps she might have tolerated it. One can bear the death of someone but not of someone who is living.

You can tolerate Devaki’s grief, but I cannot. But, uncle…a lot of time has already passed. I will bring back the time. Kishan is our blood. He is the descendant of our family. He will light up only our home. No! It is a lie! It is a lie!

Kishan is my child! I am his mother! Nobody can take him away from me! Yes…nobody can take him away from me! I am sorry, but I am helpless. I cannot conceal the truth any longer. Kishan is Devaki’s child. What has happened to you? You are saying that…

…Kishan is not Yashoda’s child. Then you will say something else. The truth is that to save your daughter in law… …Anand had given away his child. Nobody gives one’s child just like that. Go away from here. Why don’t you understand? Devaki too is a mother who is yearning for her child.

Only Yashoda is Kishan’s mother. – I repeat again. I won’t leave without taking Kishan with me. He’s the pride of our family. – What nonsense is this? How could you think of such an abominable thing? To compensate the shortcoming of your family you’ve come to loot here?

I have only come to take what is my right! Go away from here, or else I will summon the police. All right, then! I will also take recourse to the law. But I will make sure that I get my daughter in law her right. So you say that Kishan is not Yashoda’s son?

Yes. – Then is Kishan Mr. Anand’s son? Yes. – I want to ask Mr. Nath… … as to why it suddenly struck him after so many years… Kishan is Mr. Anand’s son. Why did he remain quiet for so many years? One may look at it as a fact or a wonder.

Devaki had been considered dead four years ago. Suddenly, she returned to her husband’s home. The first words in her mouth were ‘Where’s my child?’ Now where from could Anand have given her the child? Having carried away by emotions, he had given away his son to Yashoda.

What proof do you have to substantiate your statement? Do you have any witness? – Yes, I have. Dr. Rameshchandra had been present there at that time. I reached the place of accident with great hopes, and I found him. Call Dr. Rameshchandra! Dr. Rameshchandra, what do you know in this connection?

Yashodadevi’s delivery case had been handled by me. You mean the child with Yashodadevi is her own child? No, he is Mr. Anand’s son. What happened of Yashodadevi’s child? Her child had been still born. You gave away somebody else’s child. And you didn’t even inform them?

Don’t you know that it’s a crime? – I didn’t commit any crime. I have only executed my duty. The greatest duty of a doctor is to save the life of the patient. I and Mr. Anand had noticed that a patient had lost her only hope… …and she is inching towards death.

It was such a moment of death that… …humanity overcame all relations of blood. Mr. Anand gave away his child to Yashodadevi. Did anybody else too knew about it? Yes. The biggest witness to it is Mr. Anand himself. Mr. Anand, please come to the witness box.

Whatever I say, it will be the truth and nothing but the truth. I just want to ask you one question. Is Kishan not your son? Answer me…is Yashodadevi the mother of Kishan? Yes. Then did the doctor lie? Not at all. – What do you mean? You had better speak clearly.

Is Yashodadevi Kishan’s mother, or is she not? Who is a mother? Is only the one who gives birth the mother? Is she not a mother who has fed milk to the child? Is she not a mother who showered all her affections on the child?

Is she not a mother who feels for the child? I would say that if Yashoda is not Kishan’s mother… …then no woman in the world is a mother of her child. For some specific reason… …Mr. Anand has strongly defended Yashodadevi. But the law doesn’t take emotions into consideration.

Dr. Rameshchandra’s testimony and Mr. Anand’s statement has proved… …that Kishan is the son of Mr. Anand, and not of Yashoda. No! It’s a lie! Kishan is my son! Come to the witness box and make your statements. I am a mother. Don’t take away my child from me.

The God has given me a living Kishan. I don’t know who died and who lived. I have seen the effect of my affections in Kishan. Please don’t take away my ray of life. The law doesn’t recognise affection. And I don’t know what law is. I don’t know what justice is.

But I do know that I have brought up Kishan with my own blood. Have mercy on me. Don’t take away my life from me. If you cannot provide justice to my affections… …then please give it to me as alms. Don’t take away Kishan from me. Don’t take away Kishan from me.

Don’t take away my son from me. The court is sympathetic towards Yashodadevi. But taking into account the testimonies of the witnesses… …the court hereby decides that the child be handed over to Mr. Anand. According to the court’s decision, we have come to take the child.

Go, my son. Don’t be insistent. Live there peacefully. But where, mummy? – With your father. Father had gone far away, hadn’t he? May God keep him intact. You have got your father. Your mother too is there. Mother is there too? Aren’t you my mother? I have.. I have brought you up.

No, I won’t go. You are my mother. Go, son. Take a sorrowful mother’s plea. The law didn’t hear my call. You go there with your sobs. Go there with your weeping eyes. And tell justice… …that a mother has filled her tears in your eyes.

You too should come with me. I won’t go there alone. I will come, son. I will come to you, no matter what the world says. You too should come with me. Where’s the child? I couldn’t bring him. I don’t have the courage to separate a mother from her child.

You can take the child away. I have prepared him for it. Only a mother can understand what affection is. You cannot. Take him. I am handing over to you a piece of my heart. He’s a very delicate piece of my heart. Make sure that he doesn’t get crumpled. Take proper care of him.

Come, son. – No! I won’t come. I won’t come. – Come, son. I won’t come. Mother, mother…I won’t go. I won’t go. Mother, I won’t go. My son…my dear… Go, dear…go! You will get a lot of comforts there. There are plenty of toys there. – I don’t want toys, mother.

Lawyer…take him away. I cannot bear it anymore. Mother! I won’t go! I won’t go! My dear… – Mother… I won’t go! Mother.. My dear… – Mother… My toy has been taken away from me. “This world is stone hearted” “Even God is stone hearted” “none understands…” “none knows…” “a mother’s love”

“It’s a mother’s heart, not a plaything…” “It’s a mother’s heart, not a plaything…” “that You broke… why Lord?” “How cruel Thy world is, could never understand a mother’s love” “But You weren’t ignorant either” “It’s mother’s heart, not a plaything” “God, I curse this world You created” “It snatched my son away from me”

“No one can stop…” “No one can stop my tears…” “…it’s a tempest that will spare none” “My heart’s not a plaything” “Every sound of footsteps fool me…” “I feel as if you are somewhere around, my baby” “My arms are empty, my legs carry me nowhere…” “in a world that’s deserted”

“It’s a mother’s heart, not a plaything…” “that You broke… why Lord?” “How cruel Thy world is, could never understand a mother’s love” “But You weren’t ignorant either” “It’s a mother’s heart You broke, not a plaything” Kishan, my son! My son…my dear! You have come! My son! – Grandpa is a bad person.

He brought me here forcibly. I want to go to my mother. I am your mother. You have come to your home. I will love you so much that you will forget everything. No, dear…don’t weep. Uncle, you are leaving? – Yes. But how come you decided to leave all of a sudden?

My work is over… I wonder why I feel that perhaps I have made a mistake. Take, dear. Eat food. – No, I won’t eat. You are a nice kid, aren’t you? Eat a little. No, I won’t eat. I want to go to my mother.

I am your mother. – No, you are not my mother. You are my aunty. – No, dear. I am your mother. You won’t listen to me? Here, eat a little bit. No, I won’t eat. Aunty, please take me to my mother. Dear, eat food. How long would you suffer remembering your child?

You will take me to my mother, won’t you? You had told me yesterday. You will take me, won’t you? We will surely take you. But first, we will take you to the market. We will buy you lots of toys. No, I don’t want toys. I want my mummy.

My mother is over there. Let me go to my mother. Let me go to my mother. Leave me. Listen to me… Leave me. What happened? Kishan has gone to sleep, hasn’t he? Yes, he has… But he was weeping a lot. He is constantly remembering Yashoda. As if I am not his mother!

Have patience, Devaki. Everything will be fine. Nothing will be fine. As long as Yashoda doesn’t come in his presence… …he will never be able to forget her. There is only one way now. We should leave the city for good. If he stays far from Yashoda, he will become mine for ever.

Perhaps you are right. We will leave this city tomorrow itself. First they took away our child. Now they are leaving the city. Who they? The same Anand and his wife. Where are they going? – To Delhi…in today’s train at 3.30. Come on, dear. That’s good.

I will go and buy some magazines. All right. Here… What happened? – I wonder where he has gone. Don’t come forward! No! Stop where you are! Give a helping hand, please! – Yes, come on. – Hurry up. How is Yashoda now? She hasn’t gained consciousness yet. She has lost a lot of blood.

O God! How could this happen? She will recover, I hope! – I don’t know. The doctor says that till she regains consciousness… …nothing can be said for certain. – May God make everything right. Did you find him? – He’s not upstairs. Then where did he go? Child! Listen…where are you going inside?

To my mother. She is very ill. Look, you are a kid. You cannot go in. Let me go inside. I will have a look at her and come back. She will feel very happy when she sees me. I beg of you. Let me go in. You had better sit here on the bench.

When some elder from your family comes here… …then you can go inside. All right! Be seated here. What? Kishan is in hospital? Lord! My mother is very ill. They are not letting me go inside. They are not letting me meet her. Please make my mother all right. Lord! Save my mother.

If she dies, I will also die! No, dear… You shouldn’t speak like this. Take me to my mother once. Thereafter I will do as you say! She’s very sick, aunty. She will die, aunty. No, son. Nothing will happen to your mummy. Nothing will happen to your mummy. Go, son. Go to your mother.

She will surely wake up when she hears your voice. She will surely speak to you. Go…go! Mummy, I have come. Wake up, mummy. Open your eyes, mummy. Won’t you speak to your Kishan? My son…! You have returned? – Yes, mummy. My dear! Aunty has brought me to you. No, she isn’t your aunty.

She’s your mother. – No, sister. You are Kishan’s mother. By bringing up someone, one cannot change the blood. A mother is a mother, after all. No matter how much I love him… …he will receive maternal love only from you. Only you can give him a mother’s affection.

Even if I hide him in my garment… …only you can provide him with a mother’s lap. Only you can… How can I compensate for your milk, sister? He’s your son, not mine. No, Devaki. I won’t let you make such a big sacrifice. It will be an injustice.

I was committing an injustice by separating a son from his mother… …and a mother from her son. But the truth is that you cannot live without him… …and he cannot live without you. What am I, after all? I only happened to interfere between a mother and a son.

Kishan belongs to you. He will remain with you. Dear, my blessings, my good wishes will always be with you. May you always live happily. Aunty, you are very nice. You brought me to my mother. Aunty, you will come to meet me sometimes, won’t you? Let’s go. Hurry up, call the doctor!

No, Lord…don’t be so unjust. If anything happens to Devaki… …I will never be able to forgive myself. By giving life to one mother… …don’t take away the life of another mother. I don’t understand whether to call it a miracle… …or the Lord’s justice or then, the power of maternal affection.

What’s the matter, doctor? Congratulations, your wife is pregnant. What? Remember I had told you that sometimes miracles do happen? Your wife is really going to become a mother!

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