Watch – Cleaning The Kitchen : How to Clean Baked-On Grease From Cooking Pans

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Hi I’m Leslie Reichert and I’m the cleaning coach you can visit my website green cleaning coach calm to see more tips and tricks on how to green your cleaning today what we’re going to work on is how to take and clean one of your baking pans now what I’m going to do is

Something that I’m going to get it started but you’re going to let this sit overnight it’s very simple we’re going to actually take some baking soda and we’re going to put it and sprinkle it in the pan just in the bottom of the pan and you can do this actually in your

Oven to clean your oven and well as well it’s the same tip so you take that and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to spray it with vinegar now watch see how it’s foaming up what it’s doing it’s combining the baking soda which if

You think about it as a natural lifter it’s going to lift the dirt up off the pan with an acid the vinegar is a natural acid so the two things working together are going to work on the build up of your pan you can see it bubbling

And fizzing there now the neat thing is you can leave this overnight if you want or if you want to get started and scrub it now like me I always like to get started you start to scrub it with that combo and then you can sprinkle a little

More baking soda and pour a little more vinegar in there and let it sit overnight and what will happen is those two things working together are going to lift all the stains in the build up off of the pan what you can do too is if it’s been sitting overnight it starts to

Look a little dry just keep spritzing it with a little more vinegar and you’ll see again it just will start to foam up even more so just leave it sit on the counter top put it even in the oven just let it sit don’t turn the oven on and

Just let it sit inside there and then in the morning it’ll just wipe right away so that’s our tip for today how to clean your baking pan with just vinegar and baking soda and I wish you happy cleaning this is Leslie Reichert the cleaning coach you

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