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[Applause] Hello everyone welcome to the channel my name is sierra tias i’m with briggs freeman sotheby’s international realty and today i am going to show you 4213 willow grove road this house is five bedrooms six and a half baths over 6 700 square feet and 5 000 of that is on the first floor

So before i get started and take you in there i want to thank the listing agent patrick burke for letting us see this beautiful property and then i also want to point out there’s going to be so many details in the house i’m going to try to show you as many of

Them as possible but the best thing that you need to know about this house is the builder is twin oaks custom homes they have been building in dallas for over 25 years they’re not a builder that you’re going to see everywhere because they pay such attention to detail

You’re going to notice it when we walk in here but they are very hands-on what i love about this builder and what i’ve learned about them is they are completely client satisfaction focused so you’re a client for life when you buy one of their homes and the craftsmanship is

Incredible so let’s get a little closer so i can show you some more so before we go inside there’s this gorgeous little garden here i’m a coffee drinker i love to drink coffee outside so right here this spot is where i’d have my coffee

And the best part is is you can kind of watch everybody in the neighborhood i’m a nosy neighbor if i didn’t just give myself away but nobody can see you here because you have this stoned wall privacy fence here you can enjoy your coffee see what’s happening around the

Neighborhood but nobody can see you so i love that now as we walk into the house one of the things you’ll notice is we’ve got this beautiful travertine floor here you’re going to see this a few times throughout the house but what’s so great about it is it flows

Through right into the entryway just kind of bringing that outside in same thing with the ceilings we’ve got these stained wood ceilings you’re going to see them in the entryway here all the way into the back so i absolutely love that i love an indoor outdoor feel

You’re going to see a lot of that now in homes lately but right here at the front of the house we’ve got the dining room so this dining room is massive i i in my dream world i host a lot of dinner parties so i would need

A room this big so this has eight chairs you could fit way more than eight people in here i mean there is room i don’t know if you can see but there is room on every side this table could be a lot bigger you could have a lot more friends in here

And the perfect thing about this is you can put art on the walls but i think your friends are gonna be most impressed by this wine room so this wine room is temperature controlled humidity it’s got its own separate unit so it’s not part of the house and it has

It can hold over 300 models i’m pretty sure i’d be okay with that i can make that work and then these are just your reds and i also drink white summer or winter so we’ve got a built-in fridge here right here in this butler’s pantry put your whites

Have all of your cocktails all your drinks everything can happen here have your party going on absolutely love it the flow in here is incredible so from here we’ve got a second option for dining you can kind of use this as your breakfast dining just something less

Formal than what we have going on over there because you’re not going to eat over there every day let’s be honest so you’ve got enough space here again six chairs in this area right here so much room all your family but the best part of the house is the kitchen i’m a good

Cook i don’t know if i’m a great cook but this island i would just die to have this island this beautiful marble you’re gonna see this on this island on this vent hood we also have the same marble and they also put this marble around the fireplace

So everything flows i’m going to show you that later everything flows beautifully so we’ve got three sinks in here one here one here and one in the prep kitchen that i haven’t showed you yet we’ve got a black granite and if you have a kitchen this big and you’re hosting parties that big

You’ve got a lot of dishes so this house has two dishwashers so you’re never gonna have to have dirty stuff sitting out you’re always going to be able to hide it away i’m laughing because i don’t clean things right away i like to keep a mess happening

Everywhere so this is kind of hiding that some other things about this house it has got commercial grade appliances we’ve got wolf sub zero in here three convection ovens six burner gas stove and again if you’re a cook like i am you love to have this water

Over the stove got your big stock pots fill it up with water it’s so much easier than trying to put it in the sink and put it over here so this detail here it’s just a small thing but i absolutely love it let’s go back here because i have had a

Few car guys ask questions about garages and i want to point out this absolutely huge three-car garage one of the cool things about this house and you’re not gonna find this a lot is the tele firma foundation so that’s a commercial grade foundation that is going to be able to support lifts

In that garage so if you want to know more about telefirma it’s very interesting i just recently learned about it post tension slabs on piers they crank it up there’s air in the middle this house is basically floating the garage is part of that so when i say you

Could add lifts it’s because the foundation can support it it’s already ready to go so that four car garage turns into eight cars if you wanted because we have another single car garage that you haven’t seen yet also oversized so right here in this area we’re in the

Prep kitchen so i mentioned the three sinks this is that third sink so you’re having a big party you’re catering it this is where everyone can get ready this is where all that could be also right next to an oversized walk-in pantry that’s got a cute little pocket door to

Hide it away but tons and tons and tons of storage so this kitchen is definitely made for a cook there’s nothing that you’re lacking in here it’s absolutely gorgeous what you’ll notice also is these stained wood cabinets you’re gonna see that this cabinet wood is actually the same on the fireplace as

Well again no detail mist here everything flows seamlessly but one thing you’re not going to see in a lot of houses is a room like this one so this is a multi-purpose kind of game room it’s wired as a media room but you’ll see it is huge so you can really do

Whatever you want with it here i kind of i love the way they have it set up here a little tv area but you could also maybe if you’re a poker player if you’re a pool player or even if you have kids this could be sitting down couch kid play room all of

Their toys over here i mean the room is just massive we also have a wet bar in this room as well so you can have put in a fridge have another little beverage fridge there so you don’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen if you don’t want to

But this room is perfect for multi-use a little office in here something like that just so many options of what to do in here but a great space and we also have a bathroom right here that i did not point out i didn’t point out the bathroom yet

Because i’m going to show you from the outside this backyard is huge so the idea is is you’re going to put in a pool you’re going to go in this bathroom right here the details in there are absolutely beautiful you’ll see that every bathroom’s got different finishes it’s absolutely gorgeous

We’ve already got an outdoor kitchen set up so again this is ready for a pool the only reason it doesn’t have one is pools are so personal and the builder really wants you to pick and decide exactly what you want to do this outdoor space 800 square feet of outdoor space

And remember when i mentioned the floors same floors that were in the entryway all the way out here same wood stained up here as well what do you have what happens when you have such a big patio like this is sometimes you use the natural light

So what this builder did and he found this when he had another build that they didn’t have enough light so they added in these skylights that’s actually part of the roof so it’s not going to leak so thoughtful so perfect and then here another outdoor living space you’ve got your fireplace you’re

Already wired to put your tv up there sunday footballs have have your people coming in and out and if it’s a gorgeous day like it is today i know it’s winter but it’s still gorgeous here in texas you can open up these doors and now we’re in the great living room

So we walk into here indoor outdoor feel keep those open all day long it’s perfect weather in dallas a lot of times yes it gets hot but like it’s winter right now and we could keep those open it feels amazing so this is our great room like i mentioned

With the fireplace this is going to kind of probably be more of your formal living because you’re really going to do your tv watching and everything in there you could put a tv up here if you wanted to it’s wired you could do that but such a

Beautiful room you really don’t need to have a tv out here have your tvs in there but if you remember the attention to detail that i mentioned the marble around the fireplace the wood around the fireplace everything matches same people did it so everything looks the same and it’s seamless

So this room is so wonderful to just have a big party have so many people in here nobody needs to feel like they’re left out you’re in the kitchen you’re in the living room you’re outside everybody’s connected everybody can hang out So from here you saw that with the great rooms on that side of the house i like that because people are loud and rowdy and like to stay up late and i do not so this master bedroom or the primary owner’s bedroom is so secluded it’s off on its own

And it is such a big gorgeous space these ceilings are 12 and a half feet high absolutely beautiful gorgeous windows commercial grade quaker windows they open up from the bottom let some of that outside in but if you didn’t want to put anything on these windows look at the privacy that you’re getting

You really don’t need to so you can continue to have that gorgeous natural light let that sunlight wake you up in the morning if you’re into that i’m personally not i’m a blackout curtain type of gal but some people are so then we go into the master bathroom

So for me it’s the kitchen it’s the master bathroom it’s the closet those are my my favorite things in a house and this master bathroom is so beautiful there are so many details in here we’ve got again marble countertops we’ve also got the beautiful travertine floors some incredible horizontal tiling here

I mean the details in here are spectacular even this honed marble on the walls if i if you guys can see all the textures i’m telling you it is absolutely incredible there’s no lack of detail in here we’ve got a separate stand-up shower it’s a great size with this shower you still have

Four shower heads we’ve got a bench and it does not look like you’re cramped at all in here it’s absolutely beautiful and again you can see how he’s tying in the the tile patterns all throughout now this master closet with this custom island built in here all the drawer space all of the

Shoes all of the bags all of the dresses yeah you’re not lacking any space at all it is absolutely incredible so the more houses i see i know i said the kitchen i said the bathroom and i said the closet but i’m really starting to be very obsessed with the laundry room

Attached to the closet how great is this laundry room look at it so again beautiful countertops beautiful bath i mean the tile the choices that are made in here are so incredible and how much storage is in here i don’t even know what you need all the storage

For honestly in your laundry room but it’s incredible another sink so i have so many things that say hand wash only and you know where they go in the bottom of my laundry bag and i never wash them because i’m so lazy and i don’t have a sink

I need a sink this is this is a necessity you could also put a fridge i don’t know if i need a fridge in my laundry room personally that could get dangerous because you can just come sneak in at night and get snacks but it’s awesome to have the choice it’s

Awesome to have that space so right off of here we’ve got a guest bedroom we’ve had so many people kind of transitioned to multi-generational living recently so having a bedroom this size on the first floor is so wonderful because you can have your mom here your in-laws whoever’s

Staying here on the first floor they don’t have to climb the stairs and it’s still so private great size room we also have an ensuite bath right here again just pay attention to that tile it is incredible it goes all the way to the ceiling like i said they do not skim

There were no corners cut here and again a big walk-in closet this could also be a flex space if you needed a second office you could use that as an office but i think if you’re living here you want this to be your office so come on in

To the office we’ve got cathedral ceiling here these are museum finished walls this is a level five museum finished wall absolutely gorgeous the built-ins that they did here again with this wood the exact same stained wood that you’re gonna see right here is the same stained

Wood that you’re gonna see on the beams up here absolutely gorgeous i can see myself working here every day you can also see yourself out in this garden kind of look out uh i just love this room so much there’s also a closet in here i’m not going to

Show you the closet because it’s a closet but it is under the stairs there’s a ton of storage if you just want to hide away all of your printers or anything like that you could probably stick this in here you can walk in there there’s enough room for that So right here we’ve got a guest bathroom this is our half bath absolutely gorgeous floating marble vanity right here oh i think this is my favorite bathroom in the house i love the master but this bathroom can you imagine you invite all your friends over and this is the guest bathroom that they

Come into i just love it i just love it and then from here let’s go upstairs all right so now we are upstairs one of the things i hadn’t pointed out yet and maybe you’ve already noticed is there’s not a stitch of carpet in this house there’s hardwood floors

Throughout the house which is so nice so beautiful i have a dog that is a lab and labs shed a lot but i’m telling you my dog is a different breed of lab like he’s maybe a lemon because he sheds so much so having carpet is a nightmare so these beautiful

Four inch white oak wood floors throughout the house is incredible so this is another guest bedroom just at the top of the stairs it’s got a gorgeous bathroom too we’ve got quartz countertops in here full walk-in closet absolutely incredible you’ll notice again none of the bathrooms are the same

None of these showers are gonna look the same none of the tile is the same i love that because you can really have each person who’s in the room kind of pick their style and flare another thing remember i told you guys i was getting in the laundry room

Laundry room’s upstairs who wants to take all their laundry downstairs nobody not me so we’ve got room right here for a stackable washer and dryer you’ve got a sink in there as well so no reason to not do your hand wash only laundry you’ve got a sink up here too so no excuses

So another thing if you are if you got your bedroom upstairs you don’t want to go downstairs and socialize with the rest of the family hang out up here we’ve got another space flex space game room office study if you have your kids staying at home and doing their

Zooms put some desks in here or this could be a media room as well so kind of lots of options here we also have another wet bar you can put another beverage fridge in here a full closet up here as well so you can kind of hide some of your media room stuff

If you ended up making this into a bedroom it’s already shelved out perfect little space tons of storage again in this house so another just living space up here it’s beautiful so we’ve got another guest bedroom over here this one has a different view we’ve got a view of the neighbor’s pool

Which luckily is really beautiful and a view of this metal roof here so again with the builder picking his materials this is a metal roof they did not skimp on anything you are going to love love love this house because the energy bills are very low and i’ll show you more about

That in a second but one more we’ve got an ensuite beautiful bathroom here another huge walk-in closet so nobody has to fight about closet space because we’ve got so much of it so i don’t think i normally like to go into the attics but this one’s special so come on in

So one a lot of people use attic for storage look how much you can get in here but the really cool thing about this attic that i wanted to point out is you can see the foam insulation here this house is a full home foam insulated twin oaks

Custom homes is a green builder they’re green certified so really what that means is they just go through a lot of extra to make sure that this house is super energy efficient so they have to have this tested make sure there’s no leaks and if there

Is any leaks they have to have it fixed so just to give you an example of what that’s going to do for you if you live in this house is in august which if you know texas in august it’s probably in the hundreds they had subs coming in and out every

Day and the electric bill was 200 something dollars there was a two in front of it and it was in the hundreds that is incredible for a home this size so another thing you want to point out remember when i talked about the wine room that it had its own kind of

Heating i mean air control that’s up here too so you can see what i was talking about there but again attic huge so much storage but this is why i wanted to point this out because this builder does not skimp on any of the details they take such pride in their work and

They want to build a great house for their clients so this is just another example of that so we’ve got one more room to see which is right over here Oh and i didn’t notice and you guys couldn’t feel it but that attic the temperature in the attic and the temperature in this room right now are basically the exact same like that’s how well insulated it is so this is our last bedroom that we have upstairs again we’ve got a gorgeous shower

Beautiful detail in the tile that you can see right here in this walk-in shower quartz countertops again just check out this tile i mean it is so incredible i just hit that but it’s so incredible and then we’ve got the wood in the carpet as well so now that we’ve seen everything

Let’s go back downstairs i’ll tell you where this house is alright so i have showed you the whole house but i have not talked to you about the location so let me tell you where this gem is located so we are in meadowwood estates if that means absolutely nothing to you

If you’re not from dallas then just know that that is about 15 minutes from left field 20 minutes from dfw probably 10 minutes i don’t know if you’re a fast driver i am uh to downtown i’m so really really centrally located if you are from dallas we are right off

Of midway so you’re gonna know where that is you’re gonna know what the neighborhood’s like it’s absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and perfect so if you really really love this house and you maybe want to buy it or need any additional information do email me at i want to say thank you

So much for watching and i also want to thank the listing agent one more time patrick burke with briggs freeman sotheby’s international realty for letting us tour this beautiful home and then also twin oaks custom homes for building such a gorgeous home if you like this video please like it

Please comment please subscribe set your alerts do all the things for me i really appreciate you guys thank you so much and i will see you guys next time [Applause] You


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