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Hey guys welcome back to another video this week we are gonna be renovating my kitchen table and you can see that it’s got a million scratches on it and a lot of water damage so we’re just gonna fix it up so let’s get started so first off

I use this heavy-duty stripper and I applied a generous amount of this to the table top the legs and the sides of the table and you’re gonna let this sit for about 15 minutes before we’re gonna remove it oh and make sure to have gloves on of course and I used a bristle

Brush so next I used a plastic scraper to remove the old stain you just want to scrape it off and you want to make sure to go with the grain of the wood because if I go diagonally or any other way against the grain it’s gonna scratch the

Table of course so make sure to go with the grain and use a plastic scraper So after majority of the stain has been removed you can see that there’s still patches of stain left so I went back with my heavy duty stripper applied it to only those areas and I’m gonna use a steel wool that I got from Lowe’s I have it written in the description box the

Type that I use and you want to go with the grain of the wood and just gently scrape that remaining stain out until all the stain has been removed from the tabletop I did the same thing on the sides of the table I’m just applying more of that stripper and I’m going with my steel wool and removing it and scrubbing it out pretty much so next I applied lacquer thinner to a cloth and I wipe down the entire table top with it the

Sides of the table and the legs at the table so the lacquer thinner and just deactivates that heavy duty stripper that you had applied before and it’s just gonna make sure that the new stain you’re about to apply is gonna adhere to the table top so next I use my 220 grit

Sandpaper and going in the direction of the grain of the wood I sand it down the tabletop next I applied the pre-stain conditioner using my foam brush to the table top and you’re gonna let this sit for anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes and we’re gonna

Wipe it off wipe off whatever didn’t get absorbed into the wood with our cloth later on so next the color I picked for the table is dark walnut and I’m just using my foam brush and applying a coat of it one coat to one section of the

Table so you can leave this stain anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes and then you can wipe it off I only left it on for about 6 minutes because I’d never worked with this color before I didn’t know how dark it was gonna be so after

About 6 minutes I wiped it off using a cloth and I’m going in the direction of the grain of the wood and just wiping off any of the excess stain so when you’re working with stain a little tip just make sure you stir the can every

Few minutes or so because the color does tend to settle at the bottom and by stirring it you’re gonna get of course that uniform color that you’re looking for so be sure to do that so after the first coat of stain had dried the next morning I’m just using my brush again

And applying the second coat of stain and this time I’m not letting it sit for any amount of time I’m just gonna apply to a small section of the table and I’m gonna immediately wipe it off with my father so I really didn’t need to do three

Coats of stain I’m doing my third coat of stain right here I’m applying it and I’m gonna immediately wipe it off again not letting it sit for any amount of time but if I just let that second coat of stain sit for like maybe five minutes

And then wiped it off I probably would have gotten the same look then I’m gonna get with the three coats but I didn’t know what it would look like so that’s why I just worked slowly instead of just doing the two coats and having the color turn out too dark

So next I’m gonna apply the polyurethane to the table top and I did the clear gloss finish I’m gonna use a quality brush to apply it and you want to go of course once again with the grain of the wood when you’re applying it and it’s better to apply the ploy urethane in

Thinner coats then to you know really clump it on and do thicker coats because it does tend to bubble up if you do that so I did five coats of polyurethane on the table top and I did three coats of it on the sides and the legs and between

Each coat you want to give it about four hours to dry and I did five coats on the table spot because I have kids and you know the polyurethane is really the only thing that’s gonna protect your table from getting scratched up in the future and it’s gonna give it that nice smooth

Finish so it’s easy to clean and wipe down so I did five coats but you want to do at least three I would recommend three yeah for sure but I did five so really quickly I just want to show you what the table looked like before and

This was a turntable that sits on top of our table which was also scratched up and here is the finished table I love how this turned out it looks completely new I wasn’t expecting it to turn out this nice but I’m happy that it did this project wasn’t that hard I would

Give it a medium level score of difficulty and it took me four days to do so it did take a little bit of time but it was completely worth it in the end and if you guys haven’t done so already be sure to subscribe so you get

All my latest tutorials and hit that notification bow so that you can notified whenever I do post a new video and I will see you guys in another tutorial God willing bye

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