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Congratulations on being the proud owner of a daily dump composter find the right spot for your new friend ideally it should be on a flat surface like the corner of a terrace balcony or garden and preferably sheltered from heavy rains and pets in this video we are

Going to show you how to compost using this product in just five easy steps you will need your composter some waste some dried leaves some newspaper remix powder microbes a rake and a thief step 1 segregate all your waste if you don’t segregate you cannot compost keep your kitchen waste separate here’s today’s

Kitchen waste from my home you can look at your manual or the website to see the full list of what can and cannot go into your composter step 2 prepare your composter this tagged composter has three units a B and C I’m going to put

Dried leaves in unit C up to the height of four inches this is to absorb the extra water released during composting I am going to then put newspaper on the mesh of units a and B I am going to put four fistfuls of remix powder on top of

The newspaper in unit a now my composter is ready to take in my kitchen waste step three add kitchen waste I’m going to add kitchen waste on top of the remix powder in unit a cover this with three to four fistfuls of remix powder no way

Should be seen add a sheet of newspaper on top of this to keep away fruit flies it acts as an inner cover closed lid the next day when you want to put waste in remove the newspaper sheet add the waste come up with remix powder but the same

Sheet of newspaper back in and close lid repeat this every day till unit a is full step four maintain and repeat my unit a is full now when unity is full I’m going to check for moisture now I’m going to add two spoons of microbes and

If it’s too dry I will add some water and if it’s too wet I’ll add some remix powder and stir it in now place unit a in the place of unit B bring unit B on top now do the same thing with unit B add your

Waste add remix powder add a sheet of newspaper and do this daily till unit B is full once unit B is full you’ll need space so you will take the contents of unit a which would have shrunk in volume and empty it into unit C and bring unit a

Back on top so the cycle continues step 5 check compost and remove once all your units are full you need to check the contents of units see if the material in unit C is not fully composted you must transfer the contents to another pot or bucket add some water

And microbes stir it up and let it mature for another month before you use all the large pieces that are left after sieving I’m going to put back into fresh waste voila you are now a certified composting astark in just five easy steps you and your

Family keep at least 25 kilos of organic waste out of landfills every month just maintain the cycle keep it going use the compost in your garden and watch how the plants slurp it up and if you don’t have a garden just take it out and sprinkle it on the neighborhood trees if

You have any doubts or clarifications look at the manual log on to our website email call us we are always here and really happy to help


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