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Hi guys today I’m reviewing a knife sharpener and it’s tiny it’s under ten dollars right now it’s a ridiculous six dollars it comes in this black and grey and green a sharp knife is really important in the kitchen because it can save you from cutting yourself if you

Have a dull knife while you’re cutting produce it might slip a sharp knife easily and quickly goes through whatever you’re cutting that saves you a lot of time and frustration the sharpener is tiny it’s a little over three and a half inches long two inches wide and two inches tall

It weighs 1.6 ounces you can use it on any straight edge blade it has a V grip bottom to use on an edge you can also sit this straight on the counter the base is sturdy and doesn’t move around on the counter it is comfortable to hold

Down this is my 10 inch chef’s knife that I have not sharpened in a while let’s try cutting this tomato you can see it’s really not going to cut through it because the knife is not sharp enough the onion it’s also hard to cut through

This top skin of the onion I’ll go ahead and sharpen the knife since my knife is 9 inches and long I’m going to put the sharpener on the edge of my counter it sits nicely it doesn’t feel like it’s going to move at all I’ll use the core

Slot just pull it straight down standing while sharpening is safest the core slot includes carbide blades at preset angles to sharpen your knife pull the knife straight through about ten times to sharpen then finish and polish the knife edge through the fine slot which use a

Ceramic rods if you have a long knife like this and pull it through the sharpener on the counter the tip could hit the counter and you don’t want that so the edge grip is useful then I’ll use the fine slot going to wipe the residue off now I’ll

Try to cut my tomato again sliced so nicely try my onion that’s much better it slices easily and cleanly so the sharpener really works if your knife is seriously dull the sharpener might not work for you you might need to get it professionally sharpened the sharpener is good for maintenance and for knives

That are not that dull it makes mincing much faster and easier the length of the sharpener is in the description below the sharpener is extremely simple to use and I think it’s a great deal for the price and you’ll get a lot of use out of it in your

Kitchen I hope you found this review helpful please subscribe and I’ll see you next time

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