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You are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product feature hey it’s a Lucky Penny shop thanks for stopping by today I really appreciate it hope you’re as excited as I am that I’m finally getting to my bend ID Pizza Kitchen kind of poon set now this

Set hard to find I got it on eBay years ago and I thought one day I think I’m gonna show everybody this set so I recently showed it and that gave me the initiative to finally get it done now this is from 2006 and then there’s a

2009 copy right on there made in China so I was able to use my Chinese google translator to read a lot what was going on which held me up and then you can see all the nice pretty pictures and colors on the box the pizza and the Nuggets

This side panel just shows you how the set folds up how to display your items you have a little pizza oven and then this side kind of just gives you more pictures and details of what the sets all about then the back of course there’s this caution section I remember

This is not for eating like the other kits that I’ve done this one is strictly for playtime think of this like a sophisticated type of Play Doh set where you’re playing making food putting it in your little pretend of it and deep fryer or whatever it is and then basically you

Get to throw this away when you’re done making it but at the time they were selling refill sets so you’d be able to buy the refill set and continues and your play set and here’s some other sets that were available at that time and that’s really about it so what I want to

Do now is get everything out of the box and we’ll take a look at all the pieces lay it all out learn about it and then of course continue this process till I get the end results my final Pizza display so let’s get started all right

Here we go now I had to open it originally to get out the instruction so that I can translate everything so here’s the instruction that I’m going to follow and then here’s the parts guide again how this works here are the refills and other sets and in this basically gives me the

Instructions on making the food items so that’s really it the rest is kind of up to the person that’s making it so here’s a nice little brochure of the time there was the cake kitchen this one here I can’t rinse very small hamburger kitchen yeah that was the hamburger kitchen kind

Of gives you a little recipe looking cars this is the cookie kitchen whatever neat to have done all these now these are actually my cutouts so I cut this out for the food that you’re seeing um like the pizzas if I want to put mushrooms there’s little faint outlines

So that’s gonna be a process and it looks like you don’t cut anything that’s super important and they show you a little scissors there and then how to arrange if you want to arrange your pizza like this look it looks like a face is that what they’re trying to make

There and then here’s a way to arrange now I don’t know maybe I’ll follow that maybe I won’t it looks very interesting we will see alright then they also give you a little DVD which I have played which I wish I could play for you I’m not sure about

Copyright but it’s pretty neat a little like the actual commercials of the time I’ll consider that we’ll see and then here is what looks to be just a cutout sheet so I’ll just lay everything out here let me just get this all out and then we’ll see okay so there’s this

Cardboard insert here this will actually help me later when I’m trying to put all this back in and then as you can see nicely packed in there never played with before there’s my Pizza Kitchen and then this is just an insert so I’ll leave that there and then here’s my packs and

Then here is my key some tools my little deep fryer look at that cool little attention to kitchen utensils my mixing bowls some more packs more pieces this looks like my pizza oven okay so there’s all the pieces alright so I don’t think I will bore you with the removal of all

The plastic and then I will come back after it’s all cut out and I said well let’s just take out one let’s take this up this should be easy to do without doing much damage to the plastic bags and like to label the bags I know what line layer but I

Know that’s the biggest bag he’ll this really cool look at that and there’s an opening there oh this is gonna be neat slider here okay look at that pretty cool let me drop this dump and get a nice side look at this one overall I

Think this is gonna be a pretty fun kid alright so you can do that open it close it lock it and then that one it’s got a little lever on alright I’ll be back I’ll get this a little more organized kind of get a feel for it and then we’ll

Get started okay I am back alright so these items up front here where the items that were in the little plastic bag and that includes another sheet for cutting out little vegetables and shrimps and other items to put on my pizza and then this is the menu and the

Menu goes and move this up here into the little menu board and it’s got four pages so you kind of decide what do you want on the front of your menu board as people walk by your pizza kitchen let’s put this one in there okay then you have

These stickers okay and the stickers actually like this one is for the Nuggets so you put that around the Nuggets that wraps around that and these are all shown inside the actual Pizza Kitchen so we’ll get to that and now all the mixes are to the right and then you

Have the oven here this is where I’m gonna be pretend cooking my pizza crusts and little brick oven and then of course all the tools are down here it looks like I’ve got the pizza cutter this is for the fryer a spatula like a little cutting tool and a little server for my

Pizzas and then this is the chicken legs and a little Nuggets they’re textured on the inside there you can see in there and then of course a little measuring cup a couple plate my measuring bowls this here is the fryer it’s two pieces so you could take

It apart and put your oil on the top and that’s where you pretend fry now what else did I notice oh this she here is actual ingredients that are in the mix is very interesting I was able to scan them I won’t jump to you now maybe later at some point I’m

Not sure but that’s everything that’s in each of the different mixes and then in the back here I can show you this I didn’t notice this but this one this comes down okay come on down I have a higher target my finger in there I guess

There is a lifting piece in higher you lift up and there you can now have your cool Pizza Kitchen now the prices like these prices here are put down here and then on the inside walls probably on the outside however you want to do it I’m

Not sure whatever you want to do where you put those so I’ll have to decide that ok that’s everything that’s in there so now I’m gonna clear everything out and then I’ll work on the decal sheet decide what I’m gonna put on where I’m gonna use it and then get my kitchen

Set up before I start making all the foods all right here we go I’m gonna do some of the stickers and cut some of these up I have some scissors off to the side couple pairs depending on how detailed cutting I want to do there and

Then I did want to show you this the first one it says for pizza and then look at the ingredients list I know that translates to that at least that’s what my phone is telling me let’s see sodium alginate potassium sulfate potassium pyrophosphate potassium polyphosphate cellulose powder micro crystalline

Cellulose Luke oh no lock lactone baking soda silica particles caramel edible red number three aluminum lake edible yellow murder for aluminum lacquer plant carbon black and glucose well I just wanted to show you that people do say what’s in these types of kits that gives you an

Idea a lot of ingredients now how good that is I don’t know but I just thought it’d be fun to show you alright now what do I want to do I to get this on for my nuggets and then I do want to cut some things free now I’ll

Do some of this on camera but I think the majority of the detail work I will do off camera because I do have a lot of mixing and preparation to do but at least now I have my little Pizza Kitchen Nuggets set and then I noticed one of

The bigger stickers this one here on the box they show this one right in here like this okay so let’s try to be as accurate as possible it’s like static electricity taking it stick down there move here how about I do it this way and see if I can get this

To line up the way I want it there we go that’s better okay and then they show other assorted stickers inside and around and then I do want to get these problems on while we’re here together well that’ll be nice if it could stay like that now let’s see

One two three four you don’t know the distance I will temporarily put them here they kind of get an idea one of us even as possible 2 3 it’s almost like above each of those little hinge area to see how tight that is over there ok

So let’s see if I put this one about here this one starting right on that hinge this one about here and then this one right about here that’s that’s pretty close not perfect so let’s move this one over slightly this one over slightly ok you see why I need to do

This off camera because I’ll probably just take too much time doing this and I don’t want to take too much time you know with all the things going on with YouTube the longer my videos are that causes issues never used to in the past but okay I would say that’s pretty good all

Right so now I’ll finish those and put more on let me just see here these look how tiny these are I don’t know if you can see it there’s little lines going around them so you could probably either cut right on the line or you can cut

Let’s say since I’m cutting out this piece of lettuce life I want to get myself as close as possible to the and so you don’t see those when you’re putting your pizza together and I’m not gonna put lettuce on my pizza but it was just the first thing I cut out based on

The size figure I’ll start with a easier one and then I’ll maybe move to the basil so yes I don’t think this is necessarily a little kids set member earlier I say you know it’s like play-doh it was just the concept of play-doh where you can create food and

Plato has little stoves and little frying pans which I’ve shown on video by the way so you may wonder why it seems like a real waste of time well not if you like and enjoy this kind of stuff I think there’s something sticky on these scissors see how small

There we go my first little piece alright so I don’t keep going here let me do a tomato for you it would be nice to find more sets but I think economically it’s just not in the not in the cards right now a little tomato so there you can kind of see what

You have to do alright I will keep checking back I want to get some mushrooms I like mushroom on my pizza and when I get this all done and I’ll be back to where I should be able to start the mixes maybe I’ll check in one more

Time as I cut more of these I’ll do that I’ll be back in just a little bit All right so it’s taken a while to get to that point as you can tell from the speeded up video I decided to put that in there just so you can see that I took the time to cut all these out because these are going on my pizzas no I wanted

To get at least four of each I need a couple of my three shrimp so I was gonna do a couple more shrimp I’m guessing the big leaves of lettuce might look good as decorations underneath the chicken legs or something I know they notice they did put some accent colors underneath the

Plate so I might do that maybe I’ll put the Nuggets out on top of a piece of lettuce when they’re done all right so I had to get tweezers had to get a sharper tool this is what I ended up with now for cutting let me see if I can get you

A nice close shot of that there’s everything that’s going in my on my pizzas all right there you go so I think that’s enough cutting for now I’m gonna finish putting on my decals and then me my stickers and then I will come back All right so you saw I got all my stickers where I wanted them no they don’t really show you on the box at least I couldn’t find anywhere I kind of mashed up as many as the ones that I can see from the pictures just to get it

Close to what they had it but I noticed there’s on the box we’re not even straight especially those front one all right so this I noticed now looking at the pictures will work for the base of this okay so you can use it for your pizza oven and then when you’re ready to

Do the deep frying for your chicken then you just move the base to that so it’ll work on either one okay that’s it I’m officially set now my pizza kitchen is open all right here we go I’m in my pizza kitchen now so the first packet is

They show it kind of rolled up here that’s the crust and then this says do not eat Warner’s warnings on here about eating of course you do not eat it and this actually was still good to 2015 in regards to the powder so we’ll see if

It’s still good all right so we need that we need the spatula and we’ll need our water okay so this now the instructions say 8 cc’s of water here we go so let’s put in the powder it’s a very fine powder and it’s like a light very

Light brown okay now I have to spread this between two but they give you a second packet so it looks like you can make a second round if you want to all right eight cc’s of water now we mix this up and we put this in our pizza pans

You just don’t want lumps and then once it’s in the pizza pans you have to let this sit it says for about 15 minutes but we gotta get him in the oven it’s starting to feel thicker as I mix you saw that list of ingredients so you know

It’s definitely got a lot of chemicals in it to make it do what it needs to do the water is your reactor so once you get the water mixed in okay this looks pretty good now they do say put a little bit in each and try to get it as even as

Possible all right here we go Pizza number one okay now let’s get some in this one okay let’s scrape a little bit more out I’d say it’s pretty even let me get a little more in this one okay and I won’t just kind of spread it around a little

Okay remember that’s actually the bottom of the pizza now it’s a little hissing around okay I’ll let these set now for 15 minutes but I won’t be back what doesn’t even drip anymore let’s see maybe I can get a couple little more drips on this one

Okay I’d side scrape it out pretty good okay let’s get these in the pizza oven here we go let me just take us up there as you can see I have my kitchen all set up back there all right pizzas go in that is the crust

By the way not the whole pizza yet okay so I’ll be back in 15 minutes all right here we go my pizzas are ready to come out of the oven let’s take a look at him nice and piping hot now they’ve been for sitting for about 15 minutes like they

Suggested so let me move them down here look at that pretty good and then now I need to get my two plates in here because we need to put them on the plates these are they pizza pans or plates whatever you want to call and

Then let me grab my little tool so this tool now is to get them off and on the little plates okay that was easy let’s flip them down Shh all right there’s one came out pretty good and then let’s do the second one they did want you to touch them with

Your finger after 15 minutes to make sure that it was the then it was you know solidified correctly come on get on there there we go it still has a machinist to it like my little tool hit that little edge there when I flipped it like that okay those are all set all

Right let me come right back and get ready to do the pizza sauce alright so time for my pizza sauce now in the back you will see my translator I thought it would be fun to show you everything that was in the sauce maybe I’ll do that for each one sodium alginate cellulose

Powder caramel edible red number three that’s aluminum Lake I’m not sure might be translating incorrectly liquid paraffin dextrose and starch art so now you kind of know what’s in that one as accurate as my translator is by the way alright so this one now is four cc’s of

Water and then that makes the tomato sauce so let me get this open I couldn’t reference these before so I’m not sure I don’t see those numbers anywhere there’s another one on that other one too I couldn’t figure out exactly what they were referencing there this is a really pink powder okay that

One is set and then four CCS now this gets spread on the pizzas so they want you to do it right after you mix it here we go that’s turning a darker red now just like a tomato sauce or pizza sauce okay they just so yeah spreaded it on so

Let’s get our pizzas in here there’s pizza number one and number two okay here we go a little bit of powder on the side there just like you would when you put pizza sauce on that’s what I do I kind of put it in the middle and I get a

Round spoon and I twist it around here let me hold it okay that’s a nice-looking sauce I just made fresh pizza the other day actually not too long ago I don’t know if you remember or watch the video with me eating that olive tapenade I put some of that on the pizza

Just to see what it was like and it came out pretty good okay there we go all right sauces and now it doesn’t say anything about letting its in I didn’t translate that now I need to make the meat too they’re like little meatballs on there so let’s do that next

All right so time for the meat now that looks like little chunks of Bobby sausage on top you got a form them into little shapes but here’s what’s in the meat sodium alginate potassium sulfate potassium pyrophosphate potassium polyphosphate baking soda cellulose powder caramel liquid paraffin edible red number three aluminum lake again

Edible blue number one an aluminum lake starts so that aluminum lake must stand for something all right so my pizza’s have been sitting and now they want this is 5 cc’s the little measuring cup that they give you has little red line so that’s what I’m following on there

All right let’s to check out what this powder looks like it’s always interesting to see what the powders look like they even tell you on the bag 5 cc’s of water and then I’m not sure what that is really but there’s little hearts next to it there’s the back ok there we go

Let’s see what color okay so it’s almost like a purple let’s see yeah it’s like a purplish color and after this is the cheese so we’re almost done with the pizza part now this they show it actually forming in your hands in the bowl and then taking it in your hands

And breaking off little pieces look at that it almost turned brown instantly cool it’s amazing how it changes colors like that from purple to brown so this needs to be a little more doughy so now it’s like so making our own play-doh color right Hey look at that now for smells I know

I’m curious about smells I wonder if you are too let me give this one a yeah it kind of smells like a medical facility you’ve ever been in one okay there we go like a chunky dough now okay and then let’s bring in the pizzas so I guess it

Must be okay to touch it because they say you break it off with your fingers now I’m gonna make these quite small I don’t want them too big I don’t want my pizza to look strange you know like it’s got huge chunks of meat on it and then

I’ll press them into my sauce just a little now they sure give you a lot of meat for these tiny pizzas here and I’m gonna also make them different sizes they just show them going around the exterior and for those of you that don’t like meat I

Should uh I guess I can just get rid of this and just have a meat pizza and a veggie pizza for you how’s that sound they move this one over slightly squeeze this in there okay there we go okay so I know they say to put him on both pizzas

But you know what if you don’t like meat so that’s the meat one and that’s gonna be the vegetarian one I’ll just see what happens to this and at the end of the video we’ll come back and check it out so it has like a play-doh eat

Consistency to it alright so now it’s time for the cheese okay check it out this one has sodium alginate baking so in a cellulose powder glue canola cotone silica fine particles of liquid paraffin edible yellow number four aluminium Lake and the glucose and starch okay that’s if you’ve ever wanted

What was in these mixes now as you can see there is Swiss cheese on there and you know that’s not what you normally put on pizza but it’s recognizable as a cheese so you know you’re using the right packet eight CC’s of water here we go

All my meat product is now unlike a little tray it’s still soft so we’ll keep progress on that I’m curious to see if it’s just the way it is just a white powder almost off-white okay and then HCC’s and then here again they just show this being spread out on top now this

Would be the cheese after its melted right and then after this they really wanted me to cut up all these but see I wanted that done so it’s ready and I can move on to the next step how’s that look pretty good cheesy – you almost like vanilla pudding to me feels

Like it’s starting to definitely thicken up a couple of the other ones and said do not overmix oh I don’t know you know unless you do this a few times what over mixing is I just want to make sure I got all the lumps out and I missed one

Okay well it’s okay to have a lumpy cheese right there we go pizza number one Pizza number two and then they just show it being spread on the top that’s gonna cover up my meat it’s already starting to set just a little we’ll try to leave a couple of those meat chunks exposed

There are a couple of them meatballs are poking out of the side and this one is just my veggie but as you can see the sauce is not running into the cheese so it’s hard enough already now for cleanup I’ve just been taking a paper towel and

Wiping off the little spatula and wiping out the little bowl okay there we go all right I like it it’s slightly uneven like a pizza anyway all right so that is set now they want you to well let me just check what’s next I believe they want me to decorate

These and put them in the oven so let me get set up for that okay remember now they had suggestions inside the little booklet there’s the pizza DIY then you can follow these steps to get to that pizza and then follow those steps to get those cool pizzas but I think since I

Have a veggie pizza on this side I am going to make one similar I’m gonna have to use a tweezer so let me get my booklet out of there I’ll set this here and then I’ll just start placing things kind of like they do but my own way do

You notice the cheese is starting to bubble I’d say the hardest part so far of everything was just cutting those little all those little pieces I think I cut way more than I needed all right so they had eggs but I think I’m gonna take these

I’ll put these on the cheeks the little green pepper rounds which I cut out the center’s and then I’ll have a tomato this will be my veggie they’re happy tomato with happy cheeks and we’ll get him a couple mushrooms on his head okay like that one

Okay there we go that is pizza number one so that’ll be pushed off to go into the oven now this one this one hit meat on it we’ll arrange the sausages around I’ve already got the meatballs on there right I think that’s pepperoni it’s kind of

What it looks like we’ll call this one the garbage pizza couple shrimps whoo that shrimp pop way out Oh okay I’ll get a asparagus in the middle and then here why – why not put a sausage in there next to each side okay there’s my basically a meat lover

Topped with everything pizza I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze an egg in but at least you know that I cut those out and there you go I’d say that pizza looks really good alright so now these need to go in back into the oven let

Them sit and then we’ll move on to the chicken okay so now the ingredients on the chicken let’s see sodium alginate baking soda silica particles edible yellow for aluminum shade caramel liquid paraffin edible red 3 aluminum Lake starch edible oil powder okay let’s get that out of the way just thought that

Wow that’s interesting isn’t it nice I had to bring in some extra plates because they show the pizzas and the chickens on their own plates but there’s only 2 shown on the box so I brought in my own wood it’s nice to have little plates that kind of match the set so

Those will be for my chicken so this is for 12 cc’s of water you see you’re kind of mix in there and then that’s really it that’s all I can show you on that let’s see what color it is I’m gonna shape this and form this this is almost

Like a peach color here I will show you okay so it is it’s a very light peach and then like I said 12 cc’s of water and then mix it and form it into your shapes and I’ll see cuz they kind of show to chicken legs in about ten of the

Little chicken nug but I don’t know if that’s gonna be exactly how this is gonna turn out wait let me do it this way what sticks like the meat the meat is still holding up pretty good by the way it’s still flexible wow this really stuck fast

I like to meet you got to really just press it and shape it in here okay that’s how the powders good let’s get this in my fingers yeah so holds up pretty good do you want to see the meat let’s check out the meat so it’s still

Flexible but not as mushy this almost has like a chicken the exterior to it so let’s at least get one thing molded here I don’t want it too flat because I want it to resemble a chicken so let me do just one chicken leg and see these nugs are pretty small

There’s my little nug nope number one yeah I probably made my chicken leg a little too big because I wanted it to be rounded yeah okay what I’m gonna do I’m gonna grab this tool over here will watch my pizza’s my fingers are slippery I don’t really make

This a little bit less this way I can get two out of this there that’s better I can’t wait to see the little fryer I’m really curious on how that’s gonna work let’s set these here and then I’ll just keep dropping the nugs in I’m a chicken leg hey let’s get another

Chicken leg full production now I hope you’re enjoying this so far whoever has stuck around this long I know there’s a lot of steps to really understand these kits yeah it looks like I’m gonna get the tent and this is my first attempt so I was a little nervous on the sleigh

Before I started yes with so many videos I still get a little nervous when I’m doing something new that one’s a little weak three do you so I have two four six yeah it’s gonna be really close okay there’s just a tiny bit left I’ll just use it on this last one

That’ll be my giant nug I use nug short for nugget chicken nugget actually know what let me have a little bit to this guy okay there we go I’m gonna wash my hands get my oil ready that’s the last one we really need to see what’s in it and then

Fry these up okay so the next one is the oil what’s in the oil well it is potassium lactate sodium fumarate edible yellow number for aluminum lake glucose okay now this calls for 70 cc’s ten times seven so they want the liquid in first and then the powder let me see it

Didn’t really say that it actually shows it just says mix well so let me get the water and so I don’t get any lumps in it then I can sprinkle in mix as I go all right so if we do 15 that gives me a little more option here that’s 15 that’s 30

Let’s do that two more times I don’t get us the 60 cc’s it doesn’t seem as full as they showed in the picture but maybe they don’t want too much in there okay and then 10 more cc’s this is supposed to have a frying effect but I just want

To make sure you know maybe what the age okay now let’s mix this in well this is what the front looks like and that’s what the back looks like it says mix well that’s all I know it’s kind of like a yellowish color all right kinda does look like fry oil doesn’t it

Okay let’s just zoom this camera in a little bit more so we get a nice shot from this angle and then let me get my little tool here and was just here I’ll tell you what they show you drop it in with your finger like this so I’ll do it

Like this show see if we get any frying get in there okay I’m not getting much there are a bunch of little bubbles around it let me see if you can see that so there are our tiny bubbles ooh tiny bubbles in my fryer okay they don’t

Give you a specific time so what I think I want to do then is grab that one out I want to just strain it it doesn’t really change it much and then drop in the next one okay so could just be the age no there it’s actually bubbling pretty good but

You got to see it from the top not through the plastic let me give you a look right in it see and then I’ll move it around a little let me get my camera a little bit better set there look okay let me put a fresh piece let me put

Some of my nugs in there it sure does look like chicken right out of the fryer okay I’ll drop some of these in blue not as exciting as I was expecting but still something different to check out I will show you looking at the – the color has slightly changed it’s got a

Little lighter these have not been in there alright time for me to turn my kitchen around I think I’ll get a couple little veggies on my plates to display my chicken I have to move this to the little chicken nugget case and I am almost done so I will be back all right

Some final preparations I need to get my nuggets in the little case here so I decided I’m going to transfer they are a little soggy from that oil but I’m gonna leave some if you know what is my little trays I had those trays from somewhere a

Restaurant or something so I’m gonna do this I’m gonna put these in this and then put the extras like it’s a little storage tray ok that’s done I like the way that looks remember this is not for eating it’s just for playing so ever you wanted to

Set it up it’s how you want to set up the price is there like the chicken legs put in here I thought this might be a good time to add the two lettuce so I’m gonna put my lettuce leaves here kind of like an accent for each one

There we go how’s that does that look nice ok and then there one thing I did notice with the little Bowl was that these were nesting bowls not till I was cleaning up than I realized that when I took them out but now I realize it I think that’s pretty good

So overall check that out I bet you want me to cut into one of my pizzas let me do that let me pull one up here on the table which one which one the meat one let’s do the meat one see if I can push it from back here there’s a little ledge

There so it makes it harder to get out order up okay and then you take your little pizza cutter here I’ll put it right on another little plate I do wish I would have had four plates so that’s something I think I would wish I had an option but if you’ve got more

Of these sets than you probably could have more plates alright here we go yeah let’s cut it this way so you can see do you like slices like this or square I guess it would depend on your pizza recently I’ve been making square pizzas okay there you go so there is no eating

Or tasting there let me let me do this here this is my meal for the day okay so I hope you enjoyed the video I had fun making it hope you liked this set and learned about it and thanks for watching and supporting Lucky Penny shopping for

Those of you that made it all the way through the video I really appreciate it I’ll look in that description for a playlist of other sets maybe not like this I might have some other edible sets in that playlist otherwise thanks for watching and supporting Lucky Penny shop

Later if you’re looking for the item you just saw in the video click here watch more videos by clicking here don’t forget to share on social media and give a thumbs up hey LPS Dave what’s up butch make sure they don’t forget to subscribe oh yeah please click here to subscribe

To Lucky Penny shop and always remember when you see a Lucky Penny pick it up

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