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All right well the entire state that I live in is pretty much shut down right now and Sarah and I are gonna be spending a lot of time out here next week kind of hiding out in the hills here she’s likely to stay here comfortably a lot longer if I can get

This water hooked up so we’re gonna do that now rolling this on my nice this paper actually does something that comes with it so don’t throw that away that makes it easier to slide so you put it like like that that’s special tool for that thing card what really helps all

Right we’ll see if it leaks so I’m probably not gonna hook up the drain yeah we need to get those guys connected and the nice thing is that these are compression fittings rubber compression fitting so they’ll have to be super tight all right so now I know how high

Off the ground I got to bring my copper stub outs all right let’s figure out where we want our water pipes Okay this is the missing link for me to getting good solder joints and bad and I owe this to someone who commented I don’t remember who it was but if you wipe off the excess flux you’ll get like a nice clean ring of solder and it just

Makes it so much easier to tell if you got a good joint so thank you I hope you’re still watching whoever made that comment and it’s really helped me a lot I mean I always get it to work before but it was never that pretty

Ya see when you wipe it you can you can really see if it’s a good joint and you know it’s not that’s not the prettiest like I’m not that great at this but you can at least tell that it’s solid all the way around [Applause] [Applause]

Cuz we don’t want to I don’t want a bunch of copper but I just don’t like my stuff outs to be pecs so we’re gonna put these in transition to pecs our flux spin those those brushes always just go to crap I don’t even I wish they’d

Stayed nice they should give you like a case warm want that flux to get pushed in I should have anticipated this problem there we drill those holes up they’re a little bigger well I hope I don’t have to take that out because that thing is stripped now I can tie my pecs in and slope it downwards so it drains back and hopefully that works good

So these these are quarter-turn compression fittings so let’s just get those a little tighter years of plumbing projects and collecting leftover parts and I still don’t have what I need which is this a three-quarter three-quarter reducing to a half-inch tee but I can piece together what I need by some other

Parts it’ll just cost me more money in leftover parts I’m just gonna cut this off again to get try and get a cleaner cut then the one guy looks like I cut that one with a razor blade that sides pretty clean but it’s a little crooked

I’m gonna change our tool in here take the half-inch one out put the three-quarter inch one in these things have a little button push that in okay so we need this reporter crimp rings as things like oval eyes put it put up on that side and

Slide it down all right so that’s about how I like it you know you got a little bit of showing put that like that in there all right do that turn it and do it again there you go we’re gonna reduce a half-inch another so dudes got like a little bit of white

Show in there push that all the way in put take it out turn it a little comfort again okay now we can tap into our existing 3/4 supply so we’re about halfway through maybe a little bit more this is probably a good time for me to

Remind you that if you are enjoying this video I’d very much appreciate it if you hit like subscribe share maybe notify thanks for watching and let’s get back to it all right we’ve got some choices here about where I tap in but I’m thinking I’m just gonna do it you can

Rotate these once they’re crimped I don’t know if you’re officially supposed to but I always do okay 1 & 2 1 now we just run a half inch over to the other one so see we’re going from there over to this one over to there a half

Inch packs they’re cool okay and since this is cold water we want to go to the one on the right which is my this one which is my left cool let’s crimp that before we forget okay so I have a lot of like deep older videos about how my

Water system works I’m gonna go over it real quick so basically this is a valve that has a shutoff here and shut off here to the pump right now this is off for the hose that’s what I used to winterize the system and then this is

Off that goes down into the tank I’ve got three hundred gallon tank buried under my foundation to turn it on like that and then I’ve got this here so I can purge the tank when I where I is the pump so there’s no pump here’s my tank this is on this is off

What I want to do is open this purge all of the antifreeze its RV antifreeze so this is shut so no water can go into the system and I got a pressure tank over there and some other stuff they don’t really need to worry about right now

We’re just gonna go turn on pump force all the antifreeze in some water out this drain one of these switches right here’s my pump I think it’s this one yeah I can hear it see if we can see water you can see water coming out that hose yes you know antifreeze coming out

Hose down there but now it’s just pumping clear water so let’s turn this off now do is we turn this off right here and you can also use this as like a normal hose and then we open this one so now water can go to the system so

There’s one sweat that I’m worried about and it’s these ones right here I always have trouble with those I don’t know if it’s the copper to brass if I’m doing something wrong but let’s hope it doesn’t leak over this these compression could definitely leak it’s gonna run for a

While because it has to fill up the expansion tank it’s leaking out here oh that’s right about that one that’s my low point drain Oh in the showers bonsly what a disaster [Applause] He’s wasting a lot of water there police in Derry City leaks in there A little bit later Let’s fix this all right that seems dry So I plumbed a pressure gauge in so I’m like my pump cuts out at 50 psi and we seem to be holding pressure so that’s good now we can go test out the sink and make sure I hooked up the Colt to the Colt and then people probably curious

About this pump this is a sure flow revolution these things are great and pretty cheap mine’s a 24 volt version so it’s a little more expensive I’ll put a link to a 12 volt version these things are dependable and affordable let’s let’s hook up our hillbilly drain here

And if I did it right when we turn this to the right the cold water should come out so hey all right look at that Ryan water what more can you ask for yeah maybe Sarah might ask for hot water she’s so picky now we can wash our hands

And I thought about not winterizing this I checked the weather it’s supposed to get down to 27 it’ll probably be fine but if I don’t winterize it then it probably won’t be fine so I’ll just show you guys how I winterize it real quick this kind of sucks but I gotta let the

Water drain so I’m gonna waste a bunch of water so this is my list of my low point drain right here okay so it’s gonna open that I got a perch everything that’s out of the expansion tank okay now just let that drain out and I’ll leave that open

Now okay I don’t want any antifreeze going into my main house system okay and then I open this okay I shut this so nothing can go back into the tank all right I open this this hose okay stick this in organizing mud in there so I stick this hose in here – I

Really need two people to do this right now all right so that’s in there this is open Pisan please that’s not even tight okay that’s bad I’ll set everything tightened down we turn on our pump can hear it like in here I don’t know if you

Can and that just started it’s now go back outside you should be able to see the pink in the clear line oh well that’s all empty so you can see that if you can tell on camera but that’s full of pink glycol so now we shut that leave

This open so that anything’s trapped in there might draw you know slowly and I don’t know if you can see but the one that I just put in angles downward so that drains back everything drains back and you know what we also like to do turn on the outdoor shower anything

Stuck in there let that air drain you hear it gurgling alright that should be out I’m gonna shut that so don’t forget next time I come over here the sink that can drain out I’ll just leave that open okay and there you have it that is how I

Winterize my camp all right so we got running water a stove I mean this is basically luxury out here we can you ask cans for much more than that alright thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week


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