Watch – Steps in Painting Kitchen Cabinets That Are Stained : Restoring & Painting Kitchen Cabinets

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I am Monica D Higgins adultery model without us calm and I’m here at TC would finishers calm with Thomas Craven here in Van Nuys California today we’re going to show you how to paint kitchen cabinets that are stained now if you’re going to paint your kitchen cabinets

That are stained what you need to do is prep them so they can actually take on the paint so the first thing you need to do is clean the surface with trisodium phosphate this is an industrial cleaner that removes the dirt and grime that’s accumulated over time next I’m sure you

Have dings scratches and dents on the cabinets so you’ll need to fill them in with a wood filler this will bring up the surface make it even so it’ll be ready for sanding sanding is the next step which allows you to remove the existing stain and give your wood some

Texture that texture is great because it allows the wood to sue through the paint to adhere to the surface after sanding the wood surface you’re going to buff it you’re going to buff it in the direction of the grain of the wood and follow that with priming now you’re going to want to

Make sure that you use a primer that’s a blocking primer because you want to block out any evidence of the previous colored stain on your wood cabinets after you’ve primed them you’re going to sand them once again to prep them for painting once they’re sanded you’ll be

Ready for paint and the color of your choice the world’s your Apple I’m Monica D Higgins with don’t remodel with Alice comm with Thomas Craven and we just showed you how to paint your kitchen cabinets that are stained the you

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