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It’s raining spring. Where do you spend most of your time during the day? I spend the most time in the kitchen. It’s embarrassing, but I’d like to introduce you to the kitchen, the place I love the most.

『Rajagagu Furniture Granite Dining Table for 6』 This is a granite dining table that my husband and I chose with great care. My favorite part of the granite table is The point is that you can put a boiling pot on it without a pot stand.

The downside is that it’s very heavy because the top plate is stone..!! After going to the mart yesterday, I cleaned the refrigerator and prepared quite a few side dishes, so the refrigerator was full. So, the space for storing side dish containers has become a little more spacious.

This is the stainless steel container that my husband’s grandmother used for over 30 years. The side dish container lids were stacked separately. This is a space that makes cooking more convenient and a space for home cafes. Compared to the spacious kitchen, there are only two outlets.

I placed the multi-tap, which is efficient for electricity bills, as I keep the wires neatly invisible and turn on the power every time I use it. For a while, I peeled the onions one by one and then wrapped them up and kept them, but

It felt cumbersome to pack and put one by one. Putting it right away in an airtight container makes it easier to clean the ingredients. 🙂 It is a storage space for storing various seasonings. I put it in a moving basket to make it easy to take out the seasoning deep inside.

Sealing clip to help seal the seasoning contained in the plastic bag I have tried various sealing clips, and this one has the best sealing power. Even the cookies that Yoo Seung left behind are sealed..!! I’m going to try making chicken kalguksu suitable for rainy weather.

Shall we take out the glass ball to knead? In the lower cabinet where I mainly cook, I keep various cooking tools and grains. Kalguksu noodles dough: 100g flour, 1 egg, 50ml water

The noodle making machine that I received as a gift from my husband with the promise of making noodles at least once a week..!! It was a noodle making machine that I received with a very big promise, so I even set up a separate seat for it. 🙂

Various pots and pans that are absolutely indispensable in the kitchen The wok pan that appears frequently in the video is from Oslo. There are a lot of frying pans because I bought it as a package at home shopping 3 years ago.

I used curtain rods, curtain rings, and S-shaped hooks to hang them and store them. There is another space where I am storing niche. I made it hang like a clothes hanger to quickly organize garbage bags. It’s convenient because you don’t have to fold the pay-as-you-go bags one by one. 🙂

Before making chicken kalguksu, you need to boil the chicken once to remove impurities. Add 3T pan frying powder and mix, Fry it lightly until golden brown. Add the large chopped green onion, I’ll also lightly fry the chopped onion and bring it to a boil with the chicken.

It tastes completely different from the chicken kalguksu I usually eat. (Slightly similar to Japanese ramen) Water 2L, Shrimp Sauce 1T, Soy Sauce 1T, Anchovy Fish Sauce 1T Skim the oil halfway through. Cut the water parsley into bite-size pieces and eat it with it. 🙂

A place filled with my love in every corner of the chest of drawers Spending time in the kitchen is so much fun. 🙂

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