Watch – The Siemens Gas Cooktops

Video By Siemens Home International

Seamans presents the new gas cooktops with step flame technology for stepless creativity high-end materials arranged in a flat design combining beauty and functionality and every detail from the pan supports to the newly designed control knobs and for more precision step flame technology the groundbreaking innovation to precisely control the

Power of your cooktop with nine precise steps for cooking on a higher level whether you are cooking stewing roasting or frying step flame technology allows you to prepare every meal exactly as you want that you will walk burner offers many possibilities for perfect walk cooking with its enlarged performance spectrum

You always get your desired results from parboiling at the highest level to cooking with a medium or small flame to simmering on an even smaller flame the new Siemens gas cooktops outstanding design and enhanced performance under your control with step flame technology for a life less ordinary Siemens the future moving in

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