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Foreign and welcome to the core puzzle today we’ll be telling you nine tips for designing a garden we’ve always thought that the best Gardens are those that make people happy and comfortable sure great Gardens look good but they have to feel good too the gardens we admire most are relaxing

Easy to move through and not too hard to maintain paths and structures must be simple to navigate while the plants selected must provide interest and serve a function without being bullies or Prima Donas here are nine practical tips that have helped people create enjoyable and livable Gardens number one give a wide birth

Make sure your pathways are wide enough for comfortable Passage nobody enjoys squeezing through narrow spaces indoors or out main thoroughfares should be wide enough for at least two people to walk side by side not less than five feet for a secondary paths where people walk single file

The width should be at least three feet keep in mind that the taller the plantings or structures that flank your walkway The Wider the path needs to be tall boundaries make any space feel more restricted number two watch your steps outdoor steps and stairways should Ascend gently otherwise there are liable to seem

Daunting through the rise of six inches or less are the most comfortable the run or depth of each step plus twice the rise or height should equal 26 inches so steps with 6 inch rise would require around 14 inches if your garden stairways include more than tense tips

Consider Landings after every five or six steps to ease progress Landing should be at least as deep as the stairs are wide a generous Landing is an absolute necessity wherever a Stairway changes Direction number three plenty of Elbow Room patios and decks are perfect spaces for outdoor entertaining

Plan for enough room to accommodate dining and


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