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On how you can make your patio look good open air spaces are rare in today’s urban areas and having even a tiny patio is better than nothing often the lack of space is used as an excuse for neglecting a small garden area however limited space shouldn’t deter you

From making the most out of the outdoors all it takes is creative design ideas here are some options for decorating a tiny patio or a terrace number one wall mounted greenery if the patio has just enough space for seating mounting pots and planters on the wall

Is a great option for adding greenery to the area depending on your budget you can create a green wall with automated drip irrigation or hang a few pots and planters on hooks number two highlight nature a small patio might not have space for anything other than the green hedge that acts as

The boundary wall using wood bamboo and other natural materials to decorate the area can pull together a gorgeous space number three wood for a natural look using wood is a lovely way to bring out a warm and cozy look to the patio without compromising on the natural feel add a small

Deck or use wood as wall cladding and furniture to create a stunning and relaxing patio number four zen inspired courtyard oriental gardens are minimalist and low maintenance but they manage to bring a classy look to even a small space it doesn’t have to be expensive using white pebbles clay pots and shrubs

Of varying heights and textures can create a soothing space number five a cozy corner with shade placing a comfortable sofa or chair under a tree in the corner of the patio or terrace can create a charming area for lounging in the sun number six rustic combination of stone and wood

Pebbles on the floor with wooden planks as stepping stones make a lovely rustic setting for an outdoor area number seven low maintenance tiles with a few shrubs an aerial area between the wall and the house can be decorated with tiles and a few flower beds to create a space for

Stepping out into the outdoors number eight the sophistication of a pergola in an open area building a pergola adds elegance in addition to creating a lovely play of light and shadow number nine private beach you don’t have to restrict yourself to adding greenery a sandbox tiny pond

Beach chairs sun umbrella and a tent can create a charming beach setting for you to enjoy the outdoors number 10 relax in a hammock a narrow and elongated space is no excuse for neglecting an outdoor area hanging a hammock between the walls and planting shrubs below can transform the place

Number 11 build a green wall a dull boundary wall can be brought alive by planting a green wall filled with shrubs ferns and flowering plants number 12 step out zone when a patio is too narrow creating a small space to step out for a breath of fresh air

Is a great idea for utilizing the space plants can create a green border for the area number 13 a refreshing welcome the narrow pathway leading from the gate to the house can be decorated with greenery on either sides to add a relaxing feel to the entrance area number 14 gravel and colorful walls

On a small budget a stunning space can be created with just graveless flooring and a bright wall number 15 give in to nature an open courtyard can turn into a charming green space by letting nature take its course with grass trees and creepers number 16 concrete banks another cost effective and low

Maintenance option is to create casual seating by building concrete seats along the wall a few floor cushions work as comfortable and beautiful accents for the area number 17 a floating awning a small enclosed area can be protected with an awning allowing seats to be placed underneath it to enjoy the outdoors number 18

Dividing pillars the open space in an entrance way can be divided into a passageway and a garden by building concrete pillars that separate the two areas number 19 playing with timber wood is a versatile material for using in the outdoors utilize it to create shade or as

Wall cladding or deck flooring to create a cozy space number 20 an edible garden of course planting herbs or an organic garden is a green idea for efficiently using a small outdoor space if you found this video helpful don’t forget to like it and subscribe for more ideas on how you

Can elevate your house thank you for watching and goodbye hello everyone and welcome to decor


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