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Thank you hello everyone and welcome to the core puzzle today we’ll be telling you top tips for choosing bathroom tiles with the Myriad of decisions facing you when you decide to remodel or create a bathroom in your home the one you expect to be most enjoyable is choosing the tiles

They set the tone for the entire look and feel of the finished space and will likely be the first thing you notice of course the excitement of finally choosing your tiles my suddenly turn to indecision in light of the overwhelming Choice available should you go for light or dark big or small

Shiny or matte sleek and contemporary or textured natural that’s enough to make that enjoyment turn into stress and worry about whether you’re choosing correctly well fear not today we’re sharing nine tips for choosing your tiles what you really want to make that dream bathroom a reality number one choose your wow factor feature

What do you imagine will be the first thing to catch your eye when you walk into your bathroom will it be a gorgeous shower enclosure perhaps consider using your main tile in this space will it be a freestanding roll top tub then choose the perfect feature wall tile to become its backdrop

Maybe it’s a stunning antique you’re repurposing as a vanity think about what tiles you’ll want to use for your backsplash if you decide early on what the focal point of your bathroom is from the store you can then begin to choose tiles that will complement and enhance your chosen feature number two

Choose a standout tile one easy way to begin choosing your bathroom tiles is to find one design that you really love maybe fall in love with a certain pattern bold color or an interesting shape this will become your feature tile in the room which can be used either as an

Accent on the walls or perhaps to add some drama to your floors or shower enclosure your standout tile should then be used to determine your accent tiles which leads me nicely onto my next tip number three consider your accent tiles once you’ve chosen your feature tile then consider just one or two other

Tiles to complement it you’ll want to make sure that the complementary tiles do just that choosing too many bold tiles in a room will create too many focal points so something neutral plain or simply textured style should do nicely here allowing your standout style to take Center Stage

Many of our ranges contain a number of tile patterns and styles many of our ranges contain a number of tile patterns and styles which will complement each other perfectly for an easy way to a cohesive look number four choose your floor tiles if you’ve already chosen the feature

Tile for your space you may want to consider your bathroom floor tiles merely as complementary tiles however if you’ve opted for something a little simpler for the walls then the latest trend is to create a little wow factor with a patterned floor you can create a Bohemian look or something a little bolder

Or you can even get the look of real wood with wood effect floor tiles for the perfect rustic or scandi finish tile size versus room size generally speaking if your room size is small You may wish to hold off on using any large format tiles in the space

Two styles that will complement the size of your room so medium sized tiles for a mid-sized bathroom or mosaic tiles for a very small cloakroom number five get creative with Thai layout of course even choosing a simple tile doesn’t mean it has to be boring there are so many patterns that can be

Created by utilizing metro style tiles or rectangular tiles in an interesting layout to add a little something special to your design number six add texture if you’re looking to create a spa like feel for your bathroom then you may want to consider a nature inspired tile Stone effect tiles display traverton

Natural Stone tiles and marble effect tiles will all give you a look firmly rooted in nature complement these textures with natural wood tones for relaxing and rejuvenating finish number seven consider the feel Factor bear in mind that if you’re using tiles on a shower floor you’ll want something that is both

Comfortable on bare feet but still has enough grip so that you aren’t slipping around using small tiles or mosaic tiles here is normally a good idea as the additional grout lines will provide increased slip resistance without being irritating on your soles number eight consider the practicality of finishes

There’s no doubt that a smooth tile will always be easier to clean water may have more of a tendency to settle on heavily embossed tiles natural tiles with dips and crevices and Pebble tiles so bear in mind that you may need to be a bit more tenacious about a cleaning schedule

When choosing your tiles ask yourself how willing are you to be vigilant about keeping your tiles looking their best over the lifetime of your bathroom we hope these tips have made what can be an overwhelming choice just a little easier if you found this video helpful don’t

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