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What’s up guys I just caught a picture of myself in the viewfinder I am a I’m a look today first of all just say banana bread that had more butter on top then probably in the entire loaf second I stole the sweater from my mom’s closet it’s pretty

Old the olders does that make it vintage I’m gonna say vintage cuz that sounds better and even though I’m wearing a vintage sweater as well as sweatpants and big fuzzy slippers I decided to put glitter on my eyes today so yeah I guess the long short of it is I don’t know

What I am today but hi guys welcome thank you so much for joining me today we are gonna be testing out some viral hacks and I have gotten so many DMS for you guys this one particular video to test them out that I just is like well

We’re gonna do this day we were to make it happen for the fans so I picked out a couple of the different hacks that I thought looked really cool really interesting wanted to test them out because they looked awesome and I also wanted pizza so let’s start out with something

Relatively easy because some of these are intimidating me right now they’re like all sitting in front of me judging me the first one involves frozen pizza and instead of popping it into the oven as you would normally do when you’re making pizza they say to put it on the

Stovetop instead with a little bit of water as a way of cooking it and it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference in terms of timing but I thought it would be an interesting test put one in the oven and then one on the stovetop and kind of see what the difference is

In terms of texture taste I don’t know what it looks like but I’m also just wanted a lot of pizza because because pregnant and pizzas delicious we have straight from oh you’re closed okay so these are two identical pizzas from I don’t even know doesn’t even say it

Doesn’t probably Costco Duff and says to cook from frozen at 4:50 in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes middle rack cheese is melted cress is golden so hungry stay tuned my oven will beep well this expires in April of 2020 that feels relatively soon I never look at two

Month old at that point Wow oh it says to place it directly in the middle rack it’s like I’ve never made pizza before yeah my high oven is now ready time for some pizza first of all can we just talk about the pepperoni distribution here what like what is this

Do I have to do everything for you Costco Wow look at me go I might have a problem doesn’t even have cheese or pepperoni in an entire corner of the pizza she’s gonna have to fix this myself you know I’m saying like I can’t call anyone to fix this ghostbusters

Won’t get here in time put that in first I have no idea what temperature is on we do medium low they took a tablespoon of water and put it around the perimeter of pizza then we lit it all right timer just went off so let’s get the pizza out

Of the oven remove my camera stand yeah yes I know thank you you’re looking good nice and golden yes this one is not done yet but I did put it in like four minutes after this one all right so this pizza has been in for ten minutes now let’s turn off the timer

There let’s take the look all right let’s get a little smoky ah what is happening here so it’s still frozen it seems on the top yep cold as ice and seems to be smoking from the bottom sweet I like ruin this pizza I’m scared I’m scared to even look at that no so

Mad I entirely burned the bottom of that pizza and I’m so mad at myself because it’s like maybe I should have you know sprayed the pan but it didn’t look like they sprayed their pan at all and it looked like all the cheese was still

Super raw and I mean it is like it’s so cold in the middle of the pizza in their video I feel like I did the exact same thing that they did I’m so mad I don’t know why I’m like so aggressively angry about this but I am well I have one good

Pizza though so that’s nice it wasn’t a hack but it is a pizza which is a sad pizza I’m sorry I burned your brother Keith this should not be a sad booty good though alright well that hack was terrible don’t do that they don’t want anyone else ruining their pizza I thought if

Anything it was just gonna steam the pizza and then it would be really doughy and that’s kind of what I want to compare in terms of taste if one was really crispy out of the oven versus one that had more of like a doughy feel

Maybe it rose more I don’t know but no not in close this video is not going the way that I expected it to so this next hack involves making dumplings and I’ve never actually made dumplings before so I’m kind of excited I feel like this is a cheating way of doing my

First dumpling so a little upset about that but we’re gonna move past it so I have an egg base batter which is what they did in the video and what they did is they poured it into like a ladle thing like this and then dumped out all

The excess batter so you’re just sort of have like a film around the inside of the spoon and then you put it over direct heat like on a stove top until it starts cooking and then you fill it with like ingredients and oh I don’t even have ingredients wonder what leftovers I

Have that okay can I do that in dumplings I feel like that’s wrong okay pizza in it okay so the best I have is some shredded meat I apologize to all of the big dumpling fans out there I feel like this is so wrong but we’re gonna go

With it because hack I’m gonna pour the egg batter into my little ladle here just enough to like coat it and I want to do it over top of a over top of a bowl here cuz I will spill it this is like not coating it right so you can see

The egg batter that I found online it has egg corn starch water and salt in it it did not coat the the ladle the way that the one in the video did which almost look like a crepe like batter alright so in doing some research I’ve discovered that this particular dumpling

Is is an actual like it’s basically an omelet but it doesn’t look like it in the video which is why I got really confused so what I’ve been doing is pouring in a little a bit of the egg mixture into here putting it on the stove and then like

Swirling it a bit I did spray it too because otherwise I feel like this would just stick right the issue is that it doesn’t doesn’t peel up the way that it does in the video not angry at all but for the sake of experimenting let’s see

What happens we’ll put a little bit of that like what is that that’s not a filling Rachael do you see this this is not at all now I just scratched it nope Oh hold on well it’ll take you an hour to get one dumpling but mate and maybe

That’s no you can have sort of a an omelette scramble with pulled pork in this particular case this is this is not working this doesn’t look good ya know so I am now curious on how to make these scratch because they look really delicious and all the recipes and

Stuff that I was looking at this is not the way to make the next hack we’re gonna be testing out is making a fluffy pancakes and a rice cooker and I have tried making the jiggly pancakes the ones that tasty is done I did a whole

Video on that but this one is just pouring pancake batter into a rice cooker and letting it cook up but doesn’t say anywhere any sort of instructions other than pouring it into a rice cooker and cooking it so I’m kind of curious what that is gonna end up

With how long it’s gonna cook up one pancake and how delicious they are in comparison to pancakes that would happen stuff which are also very delicious and could potentially be easier I don’t know alright so we have the rice cooker here I’ve sprayed it a little bit and now I’m

Gonna put in the pancake batter put the lid on turn it to cook and no we watch it the little clicker just flipped to warm opening it up if like it still looks super raw on the top and they didn’t flip it or anything they just

Made this the the pancake so I think I’m gonna let it go on warm for a little bit longer and just see if it’ll cook up the top a bit more alright so it’s been about nine or no more than nine minutes so like 11 minutes now at this point so it

Is starting to feel solidified now on the top so I’m going to try and flip it out of the container now see if you can just slide it out like they do in the video yeah pot in a little bit grand reveal no hi and welcome to the episode where

Rachel burns everything this is like more golden and broken oh that doesn’t look good I mean it kind of looks like a little like a pacman though kind of happy about that alright that’s maple syrup this business co these tastes like I’m a little nervous cuz they don’t smell really good

You might a basically got like all maple syrup Decker hang on not a big fan of it I’m gonna be honest I don’t know how I feel about these they’re they’re quite fluffy they’re quite thick in terms of texture the one side is crisp but not in

The way that I expected from like a pan fry so they don’t I don’t I’m trying to be open-minded to them knowing that they’re not like the traditional pancakes that I’m used to so I’m trying not to judge them against that I feel like the biggest problem I

Have with these is that it took too long just to make one pancake look this is what like 15 minutes of our pancake no one has time for that I think that’s my biggest thing that I don’t love and I don’t love that it doesn’t have the nice

Caramelized look on the one side either oh no not my favorite alright so the next one is an easy easy way to make crepes using the bottom of a pan and I’m not the greatest at making crepes I may be bottom five and so I wanted to

Put this to the test and see what it’s all about though I do want to say that it’s important when you’re doing this because you’re basically dipping a frying pan into crepe batter and then flipping it over and putting it over like the open flame of a stovetop make

Sure you know what the inside of your pan is it shouldn’t be like a nonstick or anything flammable or anything like I just need to get that out there safety is important here and I’ve also cleaned off the bottom of this pan in this case so let’s give this a go and

See what happens I don’t have high hopes considering how the rest of this video has gone but let’s experiment least we can be entertained from the results of this video so I have some crepe batter right at the bottom right here and I’m going to spray the bottom of my pan you can

See I already have my camera all set up so I can go over and film the actual crepe cooking but no I’m just gonna put batter on this this feels weird so you can see that it is currently breaking up and not sticking well because of the nonstick spray which

Makes sense because it’s nonstick spray I was just never I would I would never put batter just on the bottom of a pan without coating it first like how does it how would it come off it would just be stuck there forever the only way I can see this actually like potentially

Even working is I’m going to clean this off entirely first stick this pan in the oven because it’s oven safe and then I’m gonna spray it and then dip it into the batter and see if it adheres and kind of starts cooking that way because the crepe batter is very thin so maybe

That’ll work oh I don’t know let’s experiment we’re already here we might as well do this okay pan is nice and hot now let’s go get that out of the oven I’m gonna spray it then we’re going to take the batter here and see if this works

Oh a little better just gonna watch it I don’t know what to do now I’m gonna put this on the stove and see if this works follow me camera I put it here over the flame is it gonna cook it like it’s looking set I just don’t know how to get

It off okay I see little bubbles happening so that’s telling me that’s probably like cooking a little bit more maybe I don’t know if that’s showing up doesn’t look real cute though alright let me see if I can take this off I guess oh my gosh it might actually come off oh

Look at that ah aha tah-dah a crepe Wow didn’t expect that one to work at all I mean like I don’t know how you would continue and like his you’d have to keep reheating the pan I guess see we’re just running into uh the same problem as last

Time it did technically work for one crepe there were some modifications done to make this hack work do I recommend it now no I don’t this is terrible a terrible idea looked really cool though okay this next one I’ve excited about because if you guys have watched my pregnancy cravings

Video I love popcorn and this is supposed to be a way of making caramel popcorn and making it and making the caramel at the same time as popping the popcorn I just I don’t know I knees try it so basically I need to melt some

Butter in a pan put in it looks like some Werther’s so that’s what I have and then put in the popcorn kernels and then put a bowl over it and then pop popcorn and not burn anything so let’s try it alright so we have butter in here we put

In the Werther’s and it seemed like they were most of the way melted before they added in the kernel this is gonna take forever oh they didn’t stir them around at all and they just let them sit there in the video too like this isn’t gonna just

Like burn or whatever would you guys see that my power to sort out there first whoops too many lights so now let’s add the kernels I wish me luck if even one kernel pops I will consider this at least half a win okay just give

Me that oh my gosh I heard a pop I was just about to call it and like open it up because I’m scared that it’s actually burning under there I think it’s popping okay a couple more popping but I I feel like if I keep this on it’s just gonna burn the triggers

More and I feel like they’re already burned so I’m just gonna take this up now I’m actually kind of nervous guys I’m pretty sure this is all burnt well it’s not all burnt just most of it all right so this is what we got going for

Us so a couple did pop and for that I’m calling it a half win because I wanted to oh wow this was a fail of a video like usually I can make like one or two of them work and like with a couple modifications they turn out fine but

This video just know just know all of them are lying to you none of these worked it was terrible but regardless I’m glad you were here with me through all the times the trials and tribulations of this video and to be fair I was kind of curious to see if

These would work so I guess it’s okay I feel like I gave them a good attempt I tried to make them work but thank you for sticking with me through all of this you’re the best if you want to see other kitchen hack take videos or gadget type videos for

The kitchen check out these planets over here make sure you subscribe so don’t miss out on new videos here every single Saturday and that’s everything I hope you guys are having an awesome Aza weekend and see you guys all in my next video which will not be as big of a fail

As this one I love you all


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